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Friday, July 20, 2007

My Mustang

Well, the name of the bike is definitely not Mustang but for me it is. So, what it's not half the stylish as the other bikes in its league, so what it can be afforded by any Tom, Dick and Harry, you got to ride it before making any sorts of comments, it's a Mustang when it comes to race through the traffic.
Treat it well, ride as if you are riding a city bike and not a sports bike (because obviously it's not) and it will serve you well. I've rode many other bikes and they were all great, but Super Splendor can easily give them a tough time when it comes to effortless ride, pickup and mileage. I must confess that didn't maintained the bike as it deserved, met 3 accidents but then also, like die-hard horse, it always got up and ran with it's full strength. I still remember the night when it was hit by a speeding (got dammed) Tata Indica car and we were thrown away and the bike was tossed up in air and fell real hard down. It stopped as if it won't start without being taken to a service center. I'm really great full to God that my elder brother was not heart in that. I picked up the bike, rode it, kicked the kick and whroooooooooooooom it was alive and in a single kick!!!!!! This Black Beauty earned a lot of respect that night.................a little touch the next day and it was back on track.
It ran more that 12000 km by now I guess, and I would say after all these kilometers up it's sleeve it's definitely grown old now, but till today it never stopped unless I turned it off, never stalled abruptly, never had to kick it more than once (except for those bone freezing winters, well I had tick it twice then). I can bet now also, my Mustang is my best friend on road, making my every ride the most memorable ride I ever had on it.
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  1. nice thoughts!!

    bas 1200 Km..and ur calling it old.....mine has clocked 19000 plus...on that point mine is a vintage now!!:-))

  2. well sorry for the typo - it's 12000 and not 1200 ;-) now what say!!!!


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