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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chak De India - A resonating slap on the face of Indian Sports Society

This is da story of a team....

And they're playing for thier one n only dream....

To win the world cup,So you better backup....
Cos they commin on now....On they commin on how
Get off thier way cos they screaming..........Chak De!!

Watched this movie a couple of weekends ago and couldn't stop myself from writing down what I felt after watching this movie. The very first thoughts that came to my mind after the movie finished where -
  • Shahrukh Khan has still some sense left to do sensible movies
  • It's long since a movie slaped the face of some aspects of Indian society since Rang De Basanti did it.

The areas where I think this movie really turned the heat on would be -

Slap 1 - Media

Really liked the way in the movie was sarcastic on the New Media and specifically on Aaj Tak. The way the Aaj Tak new correspondend tries to flame a scoop out of a country loss, in the same of their so called "sach" brings out the true nature of this channel. I guess it was because of the telecast shown about Kabir Khan on such channels that Kabir Khan had to face all those trauma. If asked to pick the worsed on-air News Channel my choice would certainly go to Aaj Tak. Late Mr. SP Singh would be very sad up in heaven when he would see that the just kid he raised turned into such an ugly monster who can only find and show disheartening facts in this entire country. Take for example the scene that got created in Agra recently where a mob burnt out some trucks during Shab-e-baraat procession. All the time this sick channel kept on showing the inferno and the destruction caused and kept on saying "our correspondent are bring you these images live.........." and all sorts of crap. Not a single line was said to control the emotions of the public or the situation. I really do feel that we don't need such News Channels to be a part of our society. I think even God dosent know when these guys will learn the simple fact that India Media should be responsible Indian Ambassadors within India, for India.

Slap 2 - Sports Commitee

It's no hidden fact of the prodigal way Sports Selection Commitees work in India. It seems the members don't get AC, and cockies in their houses and that's why they come to the meetings just to have them, and the game goes to hell. Full of prejudice and false believes just in the name of "Humney Duniya Dekhi Hai". I guess this over exposure of the Duniya radiation has distorted their thinking capacity. Common dudes wakeup of your dreams and start living in today. How many times do these guys want to face the humiliation of getting them proved wrong infront of the world.

Slap 3 - Sports Commentators

It was very disheartening to see the behaviour of the Indian commentator during the first match of India with Australia in the movie. Sportsman spirit and being neutral is one thing but at the end of it they represent India and they tend to forget the entire country is listening to them, the family of the sports person are listening to them and I don't think their words do any good to the moral. The sports-men and women are already under a lot of pressure, then why can the Indian commentators boost their moral and of the entire nation on the whole. Guess, they are not paid for doing so, and as they say - "Nothing is free in today's time" ;-)

Slap 4 - Irresponsible key players in the team

All said and done, when you are on the field, you are India, you are a country contesting with another country for victory. When you walk, run, sing or do anything you don't expect your key organs to have their own whims and fancies, then why do you have to have such emotions when you are playing for your country? The two key strikers shown in the movie - Komal Chautala and Preeti Sabrawal had their own ego issues and didn't pass on each other the ball till the last game. It's other thing that India won all the other games except for the first one, but who knows if they would have shown the required co-ordination, India would have won more handsomely. But I would say the list is topped by the character Bindiya Nayak. The senior player with a road-side attitude. This is not only visible in the movie but in every sphere of public life and I should say the actress brought this up quite beautifully. So, the moral of the story is, if you don't like your body parts to have their own ego issues, don't do it to your own country when she wants to perform and out-perform.

Slap 5 - Public behavior

When team India lost, Kabir Khan should be thrown away to Pakistan at the time of partition and when team India won under Kabir Khan, then no son of India can do for India as much as he has done. That's what's called contrast. One question, how much each individual who says comments so easily about anybody else, does for the country. What have we done till date to repay our country for the freedome we enjoy. Infact when I see arround, we are becoming less of Indian and more of any other western country under the influence of MNCs and Call Centers. So, when you point one fingure at anybody else, four other fingures are pointing towards you. And if you are so mad about the game, just think, do you have the gutts, to hold the stick and be with those players? Why can't we think twice before we make any comments.

Some people would say that I'm drawing too much from an entertainer but I would say, the entertainer said a lot than just entertaining..........it's on to us if we listen to it and try to wake or just let keep things go as they are going right now and see the entire world arround us grow above us.

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