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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bikes - The Brand War(II) - Grapes are Sour!!!!

Yesterday I went with my elder brother to service his bike. He has a Hero Honda CD Dawn. Since I was a Sunday morning and I had nothing to do much so, I thought, why not have an early morning spin. So, took out my P200 and accompanied my bro.

I must say, the dealer chose the most waist land to open up the service center for Hero Honda. Well after some bumps and maneuvering the bike through mud, we reached the service center. My brother took his bike inside the service center and I parked my bike outside and went inside the service center to accompany my brother. After 10-15 mins we came outside only to find that a crowd of 10-15 men are surrounding my bike and discussing something very seriously.

Being the possessive guy I am, the first thing that came to my mind -- "Don't anybody even think of touching it.............else it would be total mayhem". But I decided to keep my cool and just walked behind them and just kept on listening to their crap. So, here's what those 10-15 Hero Honda owner had to say about that lonely P200 standing in the corner!!!!

I would be using the naming convention as S1, S2..... to denote the strangers and P2 as my Pulsar 200. I'm just trying to mock a situation where in my Pulsar could actually respond back to those strangers.

S1 - The bike looks like a crow!!!!
P2 - Crow is one of the most intelligent birds around, so thanks for the compliment and accepting the fact that I'm the most intelligent bike on Indian roads. Also, it's one of the most sharpest looking and quick maneuvering birds, so goes with me. Again, if I go by reviews, none of the Hero Honda bikes look like a swan either................ so, no hard feeling buddy!!!!

S2 - Sitting is clumsy!!!!
P2 - If you are going for a higher end bike with a more than 150 cc engine under your seat, then this how you need to sit, to allow proper aero dynamics. Simple science buddy and the good part is none of your kid have to modify me to get this sitting stance.............it's default for me. So, again no hard feeling.

S1 - Also, the bike has alloy wheels, they don't last. So, the Bajaj Waale are now bringing back the spoke versions.
P2 - Bajaj is bringing back spoke versions??? The only spoke version that Bajaj had was CT100 and the production of that bike has been shelved and none of the currently on road Bajaj bike has spoke wheels. The fact is accepted that spoke wheels have their own benefits, but alloy wheels not only provide better look but also are very sturdy and provide excellent support at high speeds and also are very well balanced. And probably you forgot to notice due to your blind following to the Hero Honda brand that the company itself is moving onto alloy wheels from spoke wheels due to the rage created by Bajaj. But no comparison between spokes and alloys as both of them have their own fan followings. So, again no hard feelings dude!!!!

S3 - The half chain guard is quite feeble!!!!
P2 - It's only there to protect the chain oil to spill on your trousers. If you don't like it you can always replace it with metal ones. The choice is yours therefore no hard feelings again.

S15 - Bajaj engines are not dependable.
P2 - How many of you guys actually know to use a 100 cc engine. My best guess only 1% and remaining 99% literally abuse your bike. No doubt Honda give good quality engines to Hero Motors and the amalgamation has created magic on Indian roads, but if one of your own country men has challenged a Japanese brand on Indian soil and you guys are cursing the Indian brand, don't you think it's a bit shameful of your side??? I don't know when Indians would learn respect Indian goods. Well that's an age long mentality, won't be changing over night, so no hard feelings.

So, if I keep on documenting the one hour long discussion, it would not be less than Alif-Laila. But the moral of the story here is.................................

One hour long discussion about one bike, which is standing quietly at a corner; doing nothing, with all the 15 men staring at the BEAST quite enthusiastically and none of them could accept the fact that the piece of machine they are talking crap about is something that they would love to own but they cannot for what ever may be the reason.

So, when it was time for me to go I just made my way through the crowd, cranked the bike and rode off!!!! Me and my bike, once again cruising through the nasty Gurgaon traffic effortlessly.
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  1. Indians are ustaad in passing comments..

    Every Indian has his/her opinion that Sachin/Saurabh/Dravid (I guess every India knows who these gentlemen are) should quit..

    But just ask how many of them have actually played at the school/college/university level..

    [the above example might be out of context but is a metaphor which shows our Indian mentality]

  2. Heeheh as the reliance ad says..."India mooft ke suggestions bohot diye jaate hain...kiyuki unke paise nahin lagte!!!!"

  3. good post. hit the nail on the head.

  4. hi friends,

    need ur help...

    m doin a project on why did hero honda sleek failed.

    It would be very helpful for me to hav your inputs on: what were d pros n cons of dis bike (HH- sleek), why do u think it failed, wht was expected fom dis bike as a rider n does ur purpose was solved?

    I would b very thankful to u if u could giv d above inputs at the earliest (hv 2 submit dis on 26/03/09).



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