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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bikes - The Brand War

Since I've started taking interests in bikes........or as a matter of fact I've started riding bikes I've seen quite an intense war between...................not the bike manufacturers, but bike owners. Hero Honda owners frowning at Bajaj owners and vise a versa. So much so, even there are public communities saying "We love pulsar" or "We love CBZ" etc.

Grow up kids, grow up.............performance bikes in India are not even close to start making their impressions on the world biking scene. Indian Pro Bikes are very powerful in India but as far as becoming insane about the bike that you own and trashing the other bikes goes.... it's kiddish.

Simple question here is, how many bike owners in India actually take care of their bike? Guess only 1% and as far as I've seen, the remaining 99% only abuse their machines. Forget about anywhere else, I just asked some of my colleagues and friends over here that how many of them go through the owners manual and the answer was non of them do so. They find it useless. But the reality is the opposite. There are many little bits of information that we tend to overlook in the manual. For example, the running in period. The general conception is, after the First Service I can open up my bike. But if you refer the manual you would find that the running period is of the first 2000 km. For the first 1000 km the bike shouldn't go beyond 65kph at 5th gear and for the next 1000 km it should not go beyond 75kph at 5th gear.

But who cares, as soon as I sit on the bike, a fairy comes and whispers in my ears - "You have a god dammed Hyabusa under your ass", so race the fucken bike..............

We pine for more powerful bike and speak as if we know all about bikes...........but do we really know all about bikes...........and what if any manufacturer dares to build a 1000 cc bike in India?
The first thought that will come to our mind - "What the hell, instead of paying 3.5 lakhs on a two wheeler why shouldn't I pay that much on a four wheeler"

As far as my take goes....................all the bikes are like "GALS", they can be good or very good or excellent.........they can't be less!!!!

So fellow bikers, why wast time in bull shitting on other bikes...............just use that time in knowing the machine that you own.............
Knowing technical figures is one thing and knowing how to use those technical figures is something very different
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