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Monday, October 15, 2007

Speed 97

Got my Pulsar 200 enjoy it's first service, so officially I can "OPEN UP" my bike now............!!!!!

But all insanity apart I decided to first get a hang of the power of the 200cc engine under my ass and keep on analysing the real potential of the beast. While on my ride back home, I crossed a gas station which had a real shining bill board reading "Speed 97 now available".

So, the bikes indicators started blinking, the handle started turning and within no time I was at the gas station enquiring about the new fuel. I was said the it's a high performance 97 octane fuel for power performance for power machines................interestingly, I was told that Pulsar 200 is also power machine (for India at least, what a co-incidence), so thought of trying it out.

First glance went at the price chart which read Rs. 55/liter, which is costly by all terms, but no harm in trying out. So, asked the guy there to fill for an amount of Rs. 300. First glance at the thing flowing in............it was blood red as if the bike was having a blood transfusion........

Well, paid the money and moved on....................MOVED ON..........BIG TIME!!!!! All of a sudden the beast was ready to fly at every gear change...........a slight movement of the wrist was giving it a throttle as if I was twisting the accelerator real hard......................the engine became smooth and quite............at fourth gear and at a speed of around 55 kmph........I felt that the bike was flying. Then I put the baby at fifth gear and it responded to it with madness...............I saw the digital speedometer climbing like a stop watch!!!!!! It was INSANITY RE-DEFINED

So, thought of finding out actually what went into the fuel tank of my bike..........what made it go crazy, and this is what I found!!!!!

The Fuel
Speed 97 is a powerful, high octane (97 RON), unleaded petrol that cleans your engine as you drive, maximises engine power and performance, while delivering fewer polluting emissions.
Speed 97 is a unique formulation with an octane rating of greater than 97 RON.
As the petrol with the highest octane rating in India it enables advanced modern design engines to work more efficiently thereby delivering more power. It has the ability to remove performance sapping deposits left by other fuels from the airways of the engine. The combination of these effects means that fuel and air flow smoothly and quickly to the engine, burning more effectively to give you increased performance and a quicker response.
If you care about your machine, then Speed 97 is the fuel for you.

Liquid Engineering at Work
Speed 97 burns more smoothly, evenly and completely, releasing energy more efficiently. Because it cleans your engine as you drive your engine runs more smoothly and more efficiently. Speed 97 goes to a new level of cleaning power. It not only keeps a new engine at the level of cleanliness as it was when new but also has the ability to remove the deposits caused by filling up with regular fuels. In addition, Speed 97 reduces wear in critical engine components such as fuels pumps and prevents corrosion. It helps remove deposits on inlet valves and ensure fuel injector nozzles are kept in tip-top condition. This is one of the reasons Speed 97 can begin to improve your vehicle's responsiveness from the moment you use it.

The positives
Speed 97 is a premium unleaded gasoline designed to give you better responsiveness just when you need it.
To reiterate, the benefits to the customers will be

• Better responsiveness

• Maximum power output

• Cleaner Environment

• Improved drivability

The mix and match scenario
Speed 97 can be mixed with all unleaded gasoline, but you'll only obtain its full potential if you use Speed 97 all the time.

The bucks that matter
We have designed Speed 97 to give you better responsiveness, by cleaning your engine as you drive. It is well known that lack of deposits improves the efficiency of the engine, so using Speed 97 should help fuel economy when compared to regular unleaded fuels.

My take
If by paying a bit more I'm able to use my machine more judiciously and efficiently, then I'm in for it.
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