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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Skid and Miss

It has bee only three days since I was hit by a Scorpio (which eventually fled the scene) and my bike and me suffered major injuries but guess Gurgaon want's to taste more of my blood. Yesterday evening I was returning from my "Would Be's" house and on my way back home something happened, something which again reminded me to think why everybody in Gurgaon have their Ass Ablazed!!!

I was in my smooth 60s and ahead of was a Hyundai Getz which was moving in it's smooth 70s. Then all of a sudden out of no where a labourer tried to run through the road and cross and that also when the car was dangerously close to him. The result..............BANG!!!!! The car even though braked real hard couldn't avoid itself from hitting that guy. The guy was thrown backwards and fell right infront of me. Now it was my time of heavy breaking.

From the time I decided to take this bike and till today I've heard people say that the Pulsars go down in the event of heavy breaking specially with the front disk and on top of that Pulsars 200s enjoy letting their front forks go under heavy breaking. So, I've been practicing a lot on the tips posted by rearset in his blog on application of front disk on high speed crusiers.

So, seeing the guy lying down on the road right infront of me, I did what was instructed and required, but I did it real hard!!!! I initiated the breaking with the rear break real hard. As a result the rear wheel locked and the bike skidded. I was not worried about the traffic comming from behind as I knew the Getz had already stopped and the other vehicle were a bit far behind so they can also stop in time. So, it was my turn to stop in time. So, as soon as the bike started skiding I let the rear break go. This skid actually helped me in changing the direction of the bike without turning the handle bar. And then I applied the front brake real hard. But it was not a sudden grab but a controlled two finger clutch of the brake lever.

The result................a hair line miss!! As a result of the skid I was able to miss the head of the lying person by about a foot and since I kept my hand absolutely straight on the handle bar..........I didn't go down on the road. Had the rear tyre not skidded, I can't even imagine what would have happened. The laborer was taken to a nearby hospital by the Getz driver himself, but I could hear him howling -- "Once this guy comes out of the hospital, he's gonna see himself in jail!!!", which I think should be done.

So, Thanks a Tonne to rearset for his blog and thanks to Bajaj Pulsar for the stable bike they have offered!!!! And to all the guys who have apprehensions about Bajaj Pulsar, if the front fork didn't failed in this condition, it can see a lot more. And the braking that took place was real hard and the bike didn't topple.

If anybody is interested in the bolg of rearset in regards to front disk brake appliaction, here are links -
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  1. what happened in the scorpio event?

  2. On Thursday, one red Scorpio managed to make it's first blood on my bike and hit me real hard from the right, while the driver was trying to screetch his way through the traffic. You won't believe that I had sensed the trouble and I gone down from 70 straight to 30 before he did that. The bike wobbled but I mananged to almost balance it back before the front wheel hit a boulder and I was down. The bike suffered some real nasty scratches along with me!!

    Damm I hate the Traffic over here

  3. Its good to know that inspite of two hair raising incidents you are still in one piece..

    But bro you are scaring me... I'll be now scared to death to ride in Gurgaon..

  4. Payeg!!!!

    It's just day or nakshatra that such things happen in such quick succession!!!!

    Once you get a hang of the traffic ... you would find yourself cruising through the road!! Incidents like these happen to every rider in every city....... but one thing I can assure you, that Gurgaon is a fun track to ride bike and with an extra bit of care a core biker like you would love to race your machine

  5. u didnt have to skid to change the direction og your bike. sure it helped slow u down. but u could have moved along wider had you countersteered.

  6. Sharma!!!

    hmmmmmmm a lot could have happened at that very split of a second, but amazingly enough the skid proved to be blessing in disguise

  7. Bhaiya apne ko bacha kar rakhna warna humlog teri shaadi mein Dance kaise karenge....???


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