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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here Comes the HotStepperS

The biking Hot Steppers are here at last. The YZF R1 and the MT01 have been launched by Yamaha motors for the Indian roads yesterday. A great day for the Indian biking community!!!!!! as everybody is saying and sure it is because these machines have some really nasty figures attached to their make (as rearset has aptly complied)

The YZF R1

The MT01

Few days back I was going through the Overdrive site and found a test drive compilation about the R1. You won't believe what the very first line of the post stated!!!!

As for the MT01, finally a V-Twin engine would be hitting the Indian road and that's a very good sign. Bike enthusiasts are very excited all over the country with the launch of the big Dadies. I was going through Payeng's post in regards to the bikes' launch and saw one of the readers stating - "This is a red letter day in the history of Indian biking!". With all due respect, I would dare to have a difference opinion over here.

I don't consider 4th, December,2007 as a red letter day in the history of Indian Biking just because we are using the term Indian Biking over here and when I say Indian Biking I would like to refer to Indian bikes, specifically Indian Bikes, bikes made by Indians for Indians. R1 and MT01 are state of the art machines, but at the end of it they are not manufactured by Indians, they are in no way Indian bikes and therefore I cannot connect it to the class of Indian biking because not every Indian biker can afford to shell out arround 12 lakhs to have this monster parked infront of his house.

If I'm asked then with the launch of these bikes I'm as much excited as I would be by enjoying a live concert of Michael Jackson with the lowest fare tickets in my pocket, by which I can only glimps just a miniscule figure of him but hear a lot of him. That's it!!!!!

I would consider a day as a red letter day in the history of Indian biking when an Indian bike manufacturer, be it Hero Motors (not even Hero + Honda = Hero Honda) or Bajaj or any body else, would be bringing out bikes which would compete world wide in the genere of the R1 and MT01.

The greatest positive that I can see with the launch of these bikes is that, this would provoke the Indian tyrants to push the competetion to the very next level now. The board room plans would be shelled out of the board rooms and straight to the R&D department for finalization!!!!

So, fellow biking dudes.............keep your fingures crossed because -

"Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!!!"

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  1. Right said Sajal..

    I can understand a high school boy getting excited over the 10.5 lakh bike (R1 & MT-01).. after all he can work towards his dreams.

    But for a working class guy like me.. I am now more practical and have grown out of those kind of dreams.

  2. Sajal,

    I am glad to see the introduction of some super bikes over there. Hopefully what you say will be true and the Indian manufacturers will step up and create a monster of their own. If my math is correct 12 Lakhs for a bike is roughly $30,000 US Dollars. Ouch, that is quite a price tag!! In comparison I could buy a Hyabusa and a ZX-14 and have $6,000 left over for my funeral!! I think they should have started a little more modest and offered a nice 600 super sport. Make it more affordable and it still would have more power than any would ever require on the roads.

    Keep the shiny side up!!

  3. Pyeng!!!!
    Truely said!!! For working class like us.......there is more to meet than our eyes can see

  4. Doug!!!
    It's so good to see your comment!!! Well.........as you can see I need to wait more before I can have a super sport like you have. As of now.....my 200cc monster is doing amazing.

    Looking forward to reading more your.

  5. But in a way it might be a good thing in the long run..

    the R1 and MT-01 might prepare the Indian market slowly towards at least 250/400/600 cc bikes.

    Lets hope for a 300/400 cc Twin from Bajaj


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