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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Auto Expo 2008!!!

12th, January, 2008, the day I went to an Auto Expo of any sort and what a day it was really!! All I can say that it was a day dedicated to Cars, Bikes and Babes (I mean it).

My elder brother and I were there arround 5-6 hours and those hours went by in a flash. All I can say is that to enjoy the Auto Expo, you need at least a couple of days of visit.

All in all I can say, Mr. Dilip Chabria managed the most inovative and most expensive display. DC was absolute stunner with his AmbiRod and above all the display was without any models.

On the other hand if we talk about bikes, the most expensive displays were presented by Yamaha and the most inovative displays were presented by Bajaj . But very sadly enough Hero Honda was palgued by absolute absence of inovation, really disapointing from them. Hero Honda was trying to pull crowed with the help of it's setup and that also was prving a bit too little to pull the crowd.

So, presented under is my collection of the Auto Expo 2008 -

Bikes - Auto Expo 2008 - Bikes

Cars - Auto Expo 2008 - Cars

Babes - Auto Expo 2008 - Babes
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  1. Hmmm... Babes section..!!

    I hope your Fiancee isn't reading this


  2. Payeng Dude!!

    She knows me!!!! ;-)

    And the basic idea was just to concentrate on each section individually!!!!


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