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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hero Honda - What was the company thinking??

I tried to control myself but couldn't stop from venting myself out. 90% of the crowd that turn up each day to visit the Auto Expo 2008, might be commuting on bikes instead of cars. Amongst those 90% bike "commuters", 95% "commuters" would be on one or the other Hero Honda bikes. So, one can very easily imagine how big Hero Honda is among Indian Commuter society.

So, when they visit the Auto Expo, they should have a lot of expectations in their hearts about their favorite Bike and it's company. I must confess even I was expecting something real exciting from Hero Honda as I used to have a Hero Honda Super Splendor of which I was really proud, my elder brother owns a Hero Honda CD Dawn and my Dad own a Hero Honda Sleek. Reach the Hero Honda hall and you wish, you could cry your lungs out and scream - "WHAT THE HELL!!"

No new bikes, no inovation nothing technical, an absolute zilch!!! For an Auto Expo also, Hero Honda had to borrow two dirt bikes from Honda and that also were hung inverted from the cieling. The company tried to makeup it's utter lack of imagination and inovation with the glitter of it's setup (with the Disco Theque theme and Fashion show balcony) but to me that was all the more annoying. It seemed that the company Hero Honda didn't participated at all in the Expo, instead the Hero Honda Dealer all over Delhi NCR participated and displayed one bike each from their individual showrooms.

Guess it's high time from for Grand Dad Mr. Munjal to pull up his socks and learn something from his rival Bajaj who showed some inovation (the new look of Pulsar 220 and XCD Sprint), else I don't see this company doing much a couple of years down the lane.

Really very sorry to see but guess the whole organization was caught napping in this Auto Expo.
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  1. Sadly this is what is destined when you don't invest in R&D of your own..

    To make matters worse for Hero Honda, Honda now seems to be reluctant to share bigger engines and hi tech technology with Hero Honda.

    Honda wants Hero Honda to concentrate to the small capacity entry level bikes (where it is so good) and leave the Premium category for Honda India (HMSI)..


  2. Payeng!!!

    I even heard that Honda is very much willing to pull it's hands away from Hero Motors India!! If this happens and with Hero Motors lacking in it's R&D, it's a complete chaos ahead for HH!!


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