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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The New Year - The year to choose between Viablility and Justification!!!

The year 2008 came and came pretty much in the fun way though for me!!! I had some real quality time (again, that's my definition of quality time) with Meenakshi(my Lady) and Gagan(my dude).

The year gone was pretty much exciting but not that satisfying both Professionally and Personally.
Professionally it was very exciting to travel abroad, meeting new people, making new friends (with Doug, Jeff and Tom topping the list). Got some quality time to retrospect in myself, but things were not that exciting back in India office. Even though my performance was never the concern with the management, I fail to understand what logic stops them to acknowledge that performance, especially in monetary terms. Got the annual appraisal and have been promoted as a Senior Software Developer, but then what, the way in which the organization gifted this post was far from being satisfactory. The urge of excitement pushes me to seek other opportunities but somewhere I find myself tied down by circumstances.
So, all in all I could say the year was a mixed bag professionally.

Personally also, the year began with a bang with my complete family coming to International Airport to see me off to US. That was a great achievement of mine I would say. Things seems really getting on track and everything seemed fine till some real screwing up took place by the end of the year which left a real bad taste in the mouths of many.

So, here I am, standing on one of the many cross roads of life, in the very beginning of the year, and trying to figure out which way to choose..............................The most Viable way or the most Justified way when I can see that both these ways run opposite to each other. I've been accused on not able to take hard decisions, but the catch of the century is every party is expecting me to take a hard decision that would be beneficial to them and not so beneficial to the other party. My problem is I want both the parties at the same time.

I see mad-mad traffic coming in towards me from all the three directions and I know if I don't decide quickly and choose the correct direction and start walking on that firmly, not only the traffic will collide amongst each other, but also they'll crush me in the process!!!

They say life is all a matter of choosing amongst the right options. But they never said the decision to make that choice would be so hard and you are the man only if you make the right choice at the right time, because life never gives a second chance.....................at least to me!!!!
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  1. Hey Dude,

    Come on yaar, don't be so Pessimistic,

    A Winner is not who gets admired or rewared by the World, but is someone who admires and rewards himself for all that he did and believed is right.

    And as a matter of fact, you are WINNER for us.

    So, go ahead in 'YOUR LIFE'.

  2. human instinct is to look for a way from either side of the traffic!!...look closely right in the middle of the hussle...there is always a narrow lane to squeeze through and you can actually end up right ahead of the whole traffic...dont know about others..but i believe in this!!Doesnt happen all the time..but it does happen....Getting the drift? or am sounding like an impossible- to-understand-philosopher?

  3. hmmmmmmmmmm

    Piyush Dude and Gagan Dude..... I tried sqeezing myself through and still trying........it's only that sometimes the situations just seems too messy to get through!!!!


    well I know I'll get through....just wanted to vent out.

  4. Choices..

    I think I can relate to that bro..

  5. Payeng!!!

    "Choices" so, funny that such a simple word, but affects our lives drastically!!


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