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Friday, February 1, 2008

Overdrive Bike of the Year - I'm confused!!

Got the January's issue of the Overdrive magazine. Basic interest was to get a detailed technical coverage of the 9th AutoExpo in perspective of cars (coz Payeng dude already covered bikes!!). While going through the pages, I found that Overdrive gave the Car and Bike of the year 2008 with Hyundai i10 being the car of the year and Pulsar 220 being the bike of the year (congrats to Gagan dude and Payeng dude for being the proud owners of such acknowledged vehicles!!!).

But what seriously confused me is that the Overdrive magazine claimed that Pulsar 220 overran other bikes in the race, by a fair bit of margine and that the Apache RTR was the closest competitor of the 220 with no mention of the Pulsar 200 at all. Now that's confusing, big time. I'm not confused because I've a Pulsar 200 and it was not picked for the honor. No, not at all. Pulsar 220 is a far better machine than the Pulsar 200 and we all know that. What makes me confused is that, how can Apache RTR be claimed as the closest competetor of Pulsar 220?

So, in order to clear my confusion I turned some pages back where they publish the technical chart of different bikes, cars etc. But unfortunately enough the chart made me more confused.

The above chart, the figures of which have been put forward by Overdrive itself, does not in any way depict that the Apache RTR in any way(as far as engine and performance are concerned) comes close to a Puslar 200, forget about the Pulsar 220.

So, then again I flew the birds of my reasoning and tried to find an answer for such vague categorization by Overdrive and found the answer here. Guess the problem is not the lack of vision, the problem is of falling into an awkward situation due ones own claims.

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  1. Every Auto Magazine (and now Business TV Channels) have their own awards..

    I have been reading these magazines religiously for 9 years now.. Why take magazine ratings and awards so seriously..??

    Even Bikes from Kinetic and LML had got a few awards in some category or the other from these mags.. but where are these bikes now..??

    I don't think the "desi" Public cares much for these awards..

  2. Payeng Dude!!

    You bet you'r right. But got me infuriated that how can a well known Auto Magazine like overdrive make such an assuption and on top of that the writer of the article forgot to flip to the last page and view the technical figures!!!

    You can't get more blind than this


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