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Thursday, February 21, 2008

IPL Auction - Are we out of our minds!!!!!

Yesterday the news channels of India got another scoop to waste their entire 24 hrs. But what was more pathetic for me was the concept of the IPL Auction itself!!

People bidding for cricket players, not giving importance to individual talents but only to personal favorites. I guess this should be a real black day in the history of cricket where Cricket Players, themselves are giving away themselves to Capitalists.

People like Vijay Malya, Shah Ruk Khan, Priety Zinta and Ness Wadia, who no nothing about the game are acting as if they are the God Fathers of Cricket......Give me a break!!!

As far as I see........................the days of the game are over!!!

Image courtesy - The Hindu

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  1. I wanted to be a Cricketer when I was in School..

  2. :-)

    Tell me dude, did you wanted to be a cricketer because you loved the game, or did you had in mind that it will make you rich and famous like crazy

  3. I want to be a cricketer now!!! :D

  4. Eva!!!

    Which team you would like to be in :-)

  5. INDIA of course!!!
    (khaya piya kuchh nahiin....
    glass toda barah anna ;) :P)

  6. You all guys just wait and watch as I believe the IPL matches will give the real feedback. It is not just loving the game and being crazy about it. I think there are two mindsets where one is crazy about the game and the other although not being so crazy but knows how to encash this craziness. End of the day it is we Indian who should be held responsible for all this hype and huulla as because a film on patriotism helps us to understand that we are patriot, 15th August and 26th January makes us sing National Anthem. Likewise media and entertainment helps us to understand that we are so crazy about the game. Anyways beside going into the discrepancy we should try and understand the commercial poteintials of cricket available in India. This will become more interesting if BCCI gets listed in BSE or NSE

  7. BCCI @ BSE and NSE!!!

    I guess that would be a market nightmare with the price of it's stoking shooting through the sky if India wins a macth, else searching countless fathoms if India looses a match!!!

    Heheheh by the way the idea is not bad!!


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