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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Bike after 4300 KM

Can't believe that I've already clocked 4300 KM on this since I took this beast on 1st, September, 2007. So, here's how the machine has performed till now, as much as I can recollect though -


1) KM clocked - 4300

2) Highest speed attained - 120 kmph (stayed @ that speed for arround 10 sec though)

3) Max distance traversed in a single round trip - 110 km

4) 0-60 kmph - less than 5 sec by my watch (I don't hussel through the gear shift)

5) 60-0 kmph - less than 8 sec by my watch (I didn't apply a real hard front brake in this case)

6) Gear shift - Absolute bliss. Just master the art of neutral.

7) Vibrations - You won't feel anything unless you arround the 8k rpm mark that would be arround 85-90 kmph. But again this figure is debatable as I'm certainly not satisfied with the Gulf engine oil being used at the Service Center.

8) No starting problems what so ever throught the entire over extended winter. Just leave the fuel on and you won't have to apply the choke even.


1) Mileage recieved so far - between 40 kmpl - 45 kmpl on an average (in city)

2) Fuels used - Extra Premium or Speed 97

Crash(es)/Sour Incidents

Crashed only one when I was hit by a red Scorpio from right. The bike suffered minor damage and was very promptly repaired at the Bajaj Service Center.

As for the source incident, a jackass managed to snatch off the rubber pad on the petrol tank. The pad even though got replaced, but the removal process of the residual, left some nasty scrathes on the tank (but I must admit that the guy at the Bajaj Service Center tried his best not to put any scratches).

Problems faced so far

Very minor ones, not the ones which would be affecting the performance or the ride quality of the bike.

1) Fuel level indicator - Its literally like a self governed unit who itself decides what level to show

2) Unless the engine is properly fueled and warm enough, the ride won't be as smooth as it is otherwise.

3) Keep the liquid inside the fuel tank stored in ample amounts because when the bike is thirsty, it becomes a bit sluggish.

4) But the biggest problem faced so far are the envious eyes of the passers by!!!!! But that makes kinda feel good (minus the despo envious acts inflicted on the bike).

It feels so good to have this machine parked outside the house!!!!
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  1. Payeng Dude!!!!
    Thanks a tonne. I'll surely try this one out in this service!!

  2. now their (service guys) trick here is ....anyone bringing engine oil is told..."no guarantee" after you use that oil. That is supposed to mean..."if anything happens after you use that oil, the blame goes on you" :)

  3. Gagan Dude!!!
    That's bad :-(. But I seriously think that this bike needs a better engine oil than Gulf.


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