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Monday, February 4, 2008

Performance Biker - Am I one?

Often I feel that even though I've a mighty machine to my disposal, do I fit to the genere of Performance Biker? So, the very first question that comes to my mind is how w0uld I define a Performance Biker, or in that matter, how would anybody define a performance biker?

Is a performance biker a breed of biker, who like to race their machine like hell? who do stunt biking (stoppies and wheelies)? who can squeeze their bikes effortlessly through the traffic at speeds of 40-50 kmph? who can always stick their bikes to the red zone? who can manuver their bikes at any condition with the same ease? for whome biking is just like crossing the knife through the butter? for whome the heart beat dosent skip if something comes on the way all of a sudden? who warm up their bikes in the early winter morning by twisting their wrist to the fullest while the bike is standing?

Or a performance biker is a breed of biker , who even if don't speed their machines like hell, know just by riding that if their bike is making a particular sound, then why it's making that sound and from where that sound is comming? who can feel the engine working, who can feel the fuel rush? who can know when to race and when not to? who can strike the exact balance between power and performance? who can not only figure out what he's gonna do, but also what the other guys in the traffic can do and adjust on the fly accordingly? who can know, just by starting their machines, what went wrong the other night with the bike? who can use the technology to the fullest.

I guess I try to be more (not fully though) in the second lot. But then, am I allowed to call my self a performance biker because I do not competely fall in the first genere as I can't do anyof them. What else I can't do a proper Burn Out!!!!

So, am I using my Pulsar 200 to the fullest, or am I just waiting the technology and along with it my money?

It's not that I'm not happy with the bike or now I'm thinking that made a wrong choice by choosing a Pulsar 200. It's an awsome bike and I'm proud of it. But I really do feel the pinch when I see and listen of other biker having much smaller bikes than mine and doing amazing stuffs with their bikes and proudly call them Performance Bikers!!!!

Guess I need to be a bit of both generes, but still again I feel that the real meat of things is in the second generes whose one line moto is - KNOW YOUR MACHINE!!!!
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  1. hmmm..never took biking that way...always thought that biking was all about forgetting everything when on the saddle.....let the engine rip....feel the roar and treble between your legs....see the traffic passing by as if they are not moving....feel the wind whispering through the ears...and treat braking as a sin....shout "yeeeeehawww" inside the helmet when on the highway cruising on 100+ Ks, scare that good looking one on a traffic stop by that sudden loud roar of the engine.....and when get to taste the dust once in a while then standing up again, get the machine up again and then..start all over again.....wheelies and stoppies are some interesting ways to actually kill a bike. As for performance biking, look for triplogs of people who actually travelled to places like laddakh..on two wheels....thats real performance biking for me...:)which am surely not....

  2. Doesn't matter what kind of biker you are till you enjoy riding..

    There is nothing to prove to anyone.. just enjoy riding (responsibly of course)

    And oh yes, I forgot to add: For me "Commuters aren't Bikers"

  3. Gagan Dude and Payeng Dude.....did I read somebody saying about long trips???

    I think I did, let's meet and plan for a trip to Jaipur on our bikes... what say?

    as far as the thrill of the biking goes........guess I personally get thrill by feeling the bike more, as opposite to ripping the machine!! But then again that's my own way. Nothing to prove to anybody but when I see a guy doing amazing stuffs on his 150, specially manuvering at high speeds through traffic, it somehow makes me feel for a sec that if I'm really using my bike to it's real potential!!!!


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