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Thursday, April 3, 2008

KTM 900 Super Duke - Birth of the Design.

Very soon in the near future this bike would be available via Bajaj Pro Biking outlets. Truely speaking for me this is one of the differently designed bikes. So, who designed this bike??

The answer is an undertaking known as KISKA.

Might not be the very best technologies ........ but yeah the design is definetly different (simply a designer's imagination)!!!!!

A more close look would reveal that many of the design ques, like the petrol tank, tank cowels, seat etc of the Pulsars have been borrowed from this bike!!

Any ideas anybody what would the higher Pulsars look like?? My guess, an amalgamation of the KTM RC8 breed and the current Pulsar 220!!

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  1. What I last heard from, the Duke 690 is headed for India and not the Duke 990..

    Come 2010 and KTM-Bajaj co-developed and designed 125cc and 250 cc (water cooled) bikes will be sold as KTM in European Markets and Bajaj in Markets where Bajaj is present..!!

    That is what the current agreement between Bajaj Auto and KTM says..!!

  2. Payeng Dude!!

    Actually I was searching the net just to know the roots of the design of Bajaj Pulsar (as the Pulsars enjoy one of most acclaimed designs in India!!!)

    So, in the process I found the info regarding the KTM 900 Super Duke and observed that the design queues are very much similar!!!

    Also, at the Auto Expo one of the guys at Bajaj desk said that the bike would be available soon through Bajaj Pro-Biking. But yes, I was not sure about that!!! Now I am, that it's not!!! :-)


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