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Friday, April 11, 2008

Longest Distance to Cover

The lenght of India is 3050Km and it would take me arround 38 hours if I ride day and night at a speed of 80 kmph on an average. The distance between India and US is arround 22000 km and it takes a single flight arround 17hr to cover that distance travelling at arround 1100 kmph.

The distance between you and one of your loved one living with you, who is not happy with you, who dosen't trust you because you lost his/her trust, who is sad just to see you everyday......... the distance in figures is zero but the time you might take can cover your entire life!!!!

God gave hardly 100 years to us, but the biggest curse He gave us is that He gave us emotions...
He made us a social being, where we are destined to care, feel, cry, be happy for our loved ones (be it our parents, our siblings, our children or our life partners)!!! We are sorrounded with people who look upto us and expect from us. With our every faliure to meet their expectations, we are getting far from them ........ slowly........very slowly ........... so slowly that we can't even feel the inevitable!!!!

But one day we realize that one of our loved one is lost in the distance ........ I can see the person, but cannot talk to the person, I can feel the person arround me, but warmth is missing, I can touch the person, but the sense is missing...................

The distance................................. the word can be so endless that no matter how hard we try, the word still exists in our life ........................ like the great void which can't be filled, you can just keep mum and stare at it.

We think of aquiring houses, cars and all the luxuries of the world, we dream of foregin travel, we cover distances just make ourselves happy, but in the process we get so far away from the ones who really love us that we can't even turn back and say "Hey don't worry I'm still here for you!!".

How much does it take to bring a smile on the face of my Father, of my Mother........
How much does it take to say to my brother that "Dude don't worry I'm here!!"........
How much does it take to say to my partner that "You are not alone, just think of me and I'm there!!".........
Probably nothing, but am I able to do that ............ I guess not always........... and with my every failed attempt, the distance is increasing.

The clock is ticking and one day when the clock stops, it's Time UP!!!!!
What's the use of working so hard and earning so much if we loose all for whome we are doing this ............... if we can't cross that DISTANCE!!!
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  1. Hey Dude,

    Ye sab kya hai


    where is Sajal....... ??

    I still missing him.

  2. Hey,

    So touchy.. actually very senti one. One of the best write by you. But you ???? Anyways its beautifully written and xpresed. Almost made me cry.

    Well, if you dont mind I would like to say something on this. Whatever you have written is true and I guess each one of us must have experienced this phase in our life atleast one or surely will. But my findings in this circumnstances have been lil different.

    Its not they but we who starts expecting lot from our relations. Its the void we create ourself. Sometimes living in a relation with nothin new in it makes us feel insecure, we starts finding that something lacking. May be we are the cause. But the fact is that everything is normal.The trick to be happy here is to stop thinkin much and let the time play its record. Be yourself :)

  3. Piyush Dude!!!
    Nothing much .......... just felt something so wrote it out!!!
    The Sajal you knew is lost somewhere ...... but don't worry the search is still on!!!!

    Great to see you leaving your comment ..... Thanks a lot buddy!!
    I agree to you when you say that, we expect a lot from our relations and therefore we fail to under the expectations of others, that we are the cause of the void and therefore the onus is upon us to cross this void ....... in time, before it's too late!!


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