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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sharp Turn - The Inevitable

Payeng once wrote in one of his posts that manuvering the Pulsar 220 in tight conditions is a bit of a headache, owing to it's length. Unfortunately enough, the Pulsar 200 also shares the same length as the Pulsar 220 and the minus of the lenght came to life for me today!!

Today while making a tight U turn on my Pulsar 200, with Gagan sitting behind me, the bike lost balance, or I should say I lost the balance of the bike, with it's weight climbing heavily on one side. I was at a halt, when I invited Gagan for a ride. He sat, and I started turning the bike from a halt towards right. Half way through, I felt the bike becoming excessively heavy on it's right and I was loosing balance. I immediately applied the brakes and planted my foot on the ground as hard as I could. Gagan was quick enough not to panic and he also supported the bike.

In the end nothing happened, but yes, incidents like these hurt ................... the biker's ego specially!!!!
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  1. It generally happens when you aniticipate a certain angle of turn from your handle bar and accelerate and lean accordingly..but mid-way in the turn you relaize that its not turning that much and by that time you are already in the angle and any emergency abortive actions are followed. Plus presence of a pillion adds to the "story of angles" :) ...a regular mistake done by bikers on all kind of machines....shudnt be taken that seriously :)....you can even go down memory lane..it used to happen on bicycles also :)

  2. hmmmmmmm...........but that's a nasty thing to happen!!!!

  3. I have infact found fast turns (on highways) on my 220 to be confidence inspiring.. the long wheelbase of the bike actually helps taking sweeping turns on highways..

    But yes, at slow traffic speeds the long wheelbase does have its limitations..

    Incidents like these makes you familiar with your bike capabilities. It all in the process.. do not let this bother you.

  4. Payeng Dude!!

    I'm trying to get over it!! :)


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