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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's happening to this City? - II (The Testing Ground)

Today, the rain God was really mad about something and therefore started pouring down non-stop from late night yesterday. So, this morning, seeing no other way, I dressed-up in casuals and prepared to leave for office, which is around 3 km from my place. The arranged person that I'm (written solely with sarcastic intentions), I still don't have proper rain suit for myself. So, got hold of my Denim jacket and went off. Things were going really smooth (with only some tiny-winy small ponds managing to get created on the way - guess what... I'm sarcastic again!!), till the time I reached within 1km from my office. It's not that I didn't expected something, but unfortunately enough, this time I literally got more that what I expected (there I go again with my sarcasm - boy I'm in mood today!!).

What I saw ahead of me was really frightening ..................... it was a nightmare in broad daylight (well the light was a bit on the dimmer side due to the thick, dense and pouring cloud above me).

To the farthest reach of my vision I could see only vehicles standing still on the flooded road. It was almost a 1-2 km long jam. The reason was even more frightening. On the both the lanes, big trucks and cars went through the surface of the road. The overnight rain made the surface so wet and with the poor quality of construction of the road, made the surface so weak that it could not support the weight of the heavy vehicles, and as the result one after another 4-5 vehicles ended up in having their wheels going inside the surface. The result......by the time I reached office, I was completely drenched and dripping. Guess the Unitech World Cyber Park Admin, saw my exciting state and allowed the A.C. to blow in full blast!!! I'm literally shivering right now as I type!!

Amongst all this wreck, the only ray of hope was my bike, my Black Devil, which really took the abuse whole heartedly and didn't stopped, skidded or misbehaved for a single moment, no matter what I did (trying different terrains, including mud and disintegrated roads) or where I took it (including flooded roads, with water touching the engine!!), it was right there with me all the way. I'm really proud of it.

So, I would say this day was a mile-stone towards the Local Government's promise to make Gurgaon the Super City of India (man I'm awesome with my sarcasm today!!)

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