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Monday, June 30, 2008

Again in US

So, finally landed at US again and this time for 15 days more, 3 months. So, am I excited about it? May be or may be not!!!! Just keeping my thoughts open, open for anything and everything that comes my way, because the year so far has been a nightmare for me with open eyes as far as my planning and timming goes. Well, past is past so I would leave the past to shadows of time and take the learnings from it.
Air France Boeing 340 @ Paris Airport

So, after a 23hr of long long journey landed at Chicago O'hare airport at arround 4:00 pm CST. The weather was quite warm over here but amazingly enough, by the time I reached the hotel, it started raining which brought down the temparatures quite drastically (saw this last year too!!). And more amazingly enough, this time also, I didn't get any jet lag. So, all I can think of now is hard work, more hard work and even more hard work because, that would keep me and my mind bussy, so that I can stay away from the deady "I miss everyone" syndrome. Hope my hard work gets noticed by my seniors this time ;)

When I joined office on Friday morning, the warmth I recieved in my welcome, really left me spell-bound, and the first thoughts that ran through my mind was that in order to know a person, you always got to know the person from your personal thinking and not from anyother's perpective.

This really left me speach less

Oh I almost forgot, this time I might get lucky!!! I might get a chance of trying my hands on Doug's 1984 Ninja 900 and also visit a couple of upcomming Bike races.
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