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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Numbers and Forecast - That's all!!

Was going through the Bajaj website when some interesting numbers caught my eyes, followed by an even more interesting forecast. The numbers first -
  1. For Bajaj, the sales figures for two wheelers during the period of April-May 2008 was 382,730 units, which is 16% more during the same period last year.
  2. In May only, Bajaj saw a grow of 8%, with the sales figures touching 179,649 units.
  3. Now the % that interests me the most - Bajaj Motorcycles including Pulsars DTS-i, Avenger DTS-i, Discover DTS-i and XCD DTS-Si saw a growth of 23%.

Now time for the most interesting forecast from Bajaj -

The first of 4 new 125cc + motorcycles scheduled for launch in FY09 will be introduced in September 2008

Now that should keep the biker dudes around biting their nails in anticipation of the much debated BIG PULSAR!!!

No news from other two biggies - Hero Honda and TVS though :(

Boy this is turning out to be one big dry season, with only Yamaha YZF - R15 (which doesn't excite me to the least) scheduled to be launched on 12th, June, 2008 (bet that's gonna be another "RED LETTER" day for many dudes around). Some bike gurus are even conducting a poll over the BHP number this 150cc machine is going to produce. I mean.............. come on dude, how much do you expect a 150cc bike, customized for Inida is gonna produce?? My guess - at max it would be reaching 17 bhp, and not more than that!! Even a rookie like me can guess that, so what's the big idea about polling?? Well again, it's a free medium and everyone has the right to expression (but poll??? give me a break!!)

I'm not keeping my figures crossed because it's already paining due to this overstretched wait :(

Bajaj Sales Figure/Forecast Source - Bajaj Auto Ltd.

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  1. Well,I'll comment on both the articles in this comment.I'm too not impressed with the R15(short 4 me too)and apache RTR(same issue).Of late I've observed companies bringing out exciting bikes with a very smallish stance.Either it's too small or it looks small while we're upon it.I appreciate the pulsars 'coz they suit all height ranges.HH too have got it right.The Gladi looks more meatier than R15.I got a chance to see one of 'em in the showroom.I know reduction in weight is the main goal,but size does matter.What say??

  2. Hi Srinidhi!!

    I guess along with the reduction of weight, another prime objective is less ground clearance for street sports bikes so that they can be more agile and can make those sharp lean down turns. Take for example the Yamaha M1. It's ground clearance is less than the R1. But in Indian conditions, such low stance can be a pain, more so because on Indian roads and traffic we don't need to make such turns. Yamaha R1 got it just right for a street sports class ans so are the Pulsars.

    Also Bro you are absolutely spot on with the new Gladi, just remove that Head Light Visor space for the number plate and the Bike is really an absolute beauty. Thanks for leaving your comments!!!

  3. Err.. how about a trip to Leh-Laddakh..??

  4. Payeng dude!!
    I'm leaving for US for 3 months next week :(

    You don't want me to take with you that's why you keep on planning for trips when I can't go :(


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