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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Augusta

Apart from the BatPod, there was another bike that was featured in the movie The Dark Knight and the bike caught my attention instantly, more becuase of the four exhaust assembly of the bike at it's rear.

On a quick search I found that it was the "2009 MV Agusta F4 RR 312 1078" which would be commercially available for sale in US at arround fall 2008. Nice advertisement of the bike one should say.

Technical Specs

Bikes............and more bikes............I love them!!!

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  1. Jmec dude!!!

    Thanks a lot for leaving your comments but sorry, couldn't get you what you wanted to express!! It would be wonderful if you help me out over here!! :D

  2. my client interaction suggests..thats spanish...and in english it should be something like..
    valla motorcycle!! lucky....
    donno about valla....but it can be something like fancy or exciting...

  3. this design can be even more exciting...if we get rid of those heavy design-spoiling side panels...but they have their own share of advantages as well..and its really good to see a rear view mirror on a superbike image...all n all..its pretty much "another bike on the floor"

  4. It is called one of the world's most beautiful bike for nothing.It's got the looks and the performance to match.Wanna get my hands on that one for sure.YUM............

  5. Gagan Dude!!
    Yeah, I pretty much figured out the Spanish origin of Jmec when I visited his Profile (quite an interesting profile he has!!) and used Google Language Tool in an effort to figure out the meaning...
    but somehow, couldn't figure out what Jmec wanted to express!!

    Over here in US.....the Augustas come under the category of big time Exotics and they held in pretty high esteem!!!

    Srinidhi Dude!!
    You bet!!! The way the bike was picturised in the movie, made the bike look even more awesome. I'm seriously now planning to get a first hand look (and only touch and feel look I suppose :D) of this bike while I'm here.

  6. hi..im looking 4 a bike which front is covered 4m headlamp to front wheel..I guess its 4m augusta..plz suggest


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