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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The CBF Stunner???

Was browsing through the HMSI official website today and the new announcement caught my eyes.............."Stunner CBF Launched on 30th June 2008"

Got a glimps of it at the 2008 Delhi Auto Expo and was utterly dissapointed when I came to know that all those good guys in Honda waisted so much efforts in overloading a bike with plastic and gave it a 125cc engine!!!

So, since finally when the bike is now launched and HMSI is now proudly featuring the bike on it's website, so I quickly looked into the specs...........and I must say for a 125cc bike, that would be running in India, HMSI has done a wonderfull job with the specs

A 125cc engine, producing 11bhp!!!! Now that's a great number for a 125cc machine by any standards. But for me, my state of awe ended as soon as look above that engine. I mean why the heck would you do so much for a 125cc machine when you are facing cut-throat competetion for your 150cc unicorn. I mean give me a break!!!! The unicorn has the smoothest engine, and is the blade runner as far as monoshock goes. All it lacks is the appeal in it's design. It has been the prodigal son for HMSI and on top of that you come up with so called Stunner. It dosen't stunn me to the least....the awkwardly shaped cowl and the head light faring seemed awefull when I first saw it at the Auto Expo and they have left it as it is!!! Integrated front body cowels, split seats, "sporty foot peg".................for a 125cc bike??

I don't know, but personally, I think HMSI has waisted a good oppertunity to snatch more market and buyers for the Unicorn as far as the design goes. But on the other hand, they've done a wonderfull job with the rest of bike and specially the engine. I would be excited to know more road test reviews of the bike, because for the engine..........it's a Honda and it always sets very high standards.

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  1. I'm not at all impressed by this bike and I agree with you about the wasted opportunity.The design is said to be inspired by CBR1000rr 08 and it does not resemble one bit.And c'mon,so much styling and a clip on for a 125cc seems like a stupid idea considering they have Unicorn with bland styling and average goodies,in the 150cc category.I definitely prefer the Gladi over this.It's got a lot more attitude and better styling coupled with excellent engine specs for it's category.

  2. srinidhi!!!

    you are absolutely right bro. I thing the Yamaha Gladiator Type SS and RR is the best race bred 125cc that we have today (minus that headlight visor :D)

    and for the CBR1000rr 08, I saw a couple of them over here in US, and I don't know how on earth Honda even say that the "Stunner" is inspired from it!!!! :o

  3. That's how they fool average Indian buyers,saying that it's a sporty bike which gives good mileage.But in true sense they sell rotten technology over here.Can't really blame them.Coz an consumer in India actually asks for good looking bikes which gives good mileage and should also be cost efficient.But still companies should provide bikers with something they can cheer about.Bajaj,Yamaha and HH have the best of both words in their lineup.And I'd love to see every company following this suite.

  4. With the 125 cc segment showing rapid growth over the last couple of years, every manufacturer now clearly has plans on this segment.

    Am not surprised to see Honda (HMSI) shower more attention to its 125 cc mill rather than its 150 cc offering. (Sad but True)

    Expect more variants/offerings in the 125 cc segment from other manufacturers soon.

  5. Payend Dude and Srinidhi Dude!!!
    Guess the final bike in 125cc that would be released this year (as per the Auto Expo) should be XCD Sprint DTSI. Would be fun comparing these bikes!!!! Guess amongst, all the new 125s that are out there the TVS flame might be lagging behind a bit in the race!!

    But still my fingures are crossed for the XCD Sprint and my thumbs are up for the Gladiator Type SS/RS

  6. I was quite dissappointed by the TVS Flame (with mono spark plug) on its brief test ride..

    The Gladiator Type SS/RS is a very good package.. and yes, the 4 Valve XCD Sprint DTS-i looks quite interesting.

    lets hope that the inflation gets controlled and the economy picks up as well..

  7. Payeng Dude!!!
    You are absolutely right!!! the fuel prices, the inflation...... hope they all attain some sor of comfort level for the common man

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    Keep Posting:)


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