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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The new Bajaj Discover DTSI

Was going through the 1st Quarter 2008-2009 results of Bajaj Auto today when all of a sudden something caught my attention apart from the figures mentioned!!! I mean when did that happen!!! There was nothing and there isn't still on the Bajaj Auto home page. I mean common Bajaj guys ...... you need to update the Home page!!!

Well I quickly checked the Discover Site to check what the new Discover is!!! It looks like Bajaj is following the same pattern as it followed before launching the mighty Pulsar 220. Just before launching the Pulsar 220, Bajaj launched the Pulsar 200 with most of the features shared from the Pulsar 220 onto the Pulsar 200. A nice marketing strategy one should say!!!

With the new Discover, I guess Bajaj is trying to gauge the market for the soon to be released Bajaj XCD Sprint as the new Discover shares many design and feature cues from the Sprint which was show-cased in this year's Delhi Auto Expo.

So just by looking at the bike over the Discover site, here's what I could notice -
  1. The new Discover gets XCD Sprint's Head Lamp, Tank Cowls, Integrated front Indicators, Digital Meter Console, Racing Style Wheel Stripes and a wider Rear Tyre.
  2. Also, the new Discover gets the maintenance free battery that we have on the Pulsar 200 and Pulsar 220.
  3. The bike also get's Nitrox filled rear suspension as against the twin coil spring type suspension in the previous Discovers.
  4. I guess nothing much has changed in the Engine or the Chassis.

I would say it's a wise decision from Bajaj to beautify Discover a bit before they upgrade the it to have a 150cc engine (as was displayed in the Auto Expo). But then, I personally didn't liked the look of the Discover 150 that was displayed in the Auto Expo (so much so that I didn't even clicked a picture of it!!!), I'm hoping they would try to re-align their think tank in that direction too.

Well something from the Bajaj stables at last!!!

Image and details coutesy : Bajaj Auto

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  1. I only hope Bajaj brings the Ninja 250R here..


  2. Bajaj has this canny habit of surprising us by bringing in a product when we're expecting something else.As you said,finally something from their stable.....:)

  3. Payeng Dude!!
    You can't even imagine how big a hit Ninja 250R is over here in US. Most of the retailer have sold out their stock of 2008 Ninja 250R and the buyers are ready to pay more than the bike's MSRP to get the bike. So much so, the 2009 model, which is not out yet, is getting booking request!!! The buyers comprise mostly of biginners and ladies though, because for the first time any bike manufacturer has catered to this section of bikers!!!

    Srinidhi Dude!!!
    Ya true and as Payeng says -- "Bajaj is a very smart player!!!"

  4. Over there,beginners get to ride bikes which we,in India,see as sports bikes...really bad.Lucky chaps...


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