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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well this week went in complete chaos in office and got the pay off in a well deserved long week-end (Monday happens to be off in US due to Labor Day!!)

So, as usual was surfing through YouTube and hoping to find any interesting video on bikes and even found some too (couple of videos of the MTT Y2K Gas Turbine and the Dodge Tomahawk) but the video that moved me was the making of the Bajaj Pulsar 200 Free Biking Ad.

I still remember when this ad was aired, Gagan and I used to discuss this ad and discuss about it being pretty cool except for some over exaggerated sequences like the bike tumbling down a roof!! I didn't like some of the design queues of the bike then, like the rear fender (which I still don't like) and was not that much inclined towards biking as I'm today!!

Then a few days later one of my colleagues from IBM Daksh brought the bike and called me up. We went to the NH8 one Saturday morning and first he gave me ride on the bike. I used to have my Super Splendor then, and riding pineal on a 200cc bike was fun. Then it was my turn to put my hand on the throttle. That time I hardly knew about the feel of riding a bike. I literally rode the bike as a commuter (and now I understand that was an insult to the bike). The bike was hardly a month old. On being provoked by my friend from behind, I opened the throttle but somehow felt that the bike was denying the pick up and was running heavy. I said this to my friend. Previously I had rode Gagan's Pulsar once but again, the feel of the bike was something very alien to me at that time. So, my friend said that he would take the bike to Bajaj and have them look at it. Couple of days back he called me back and said that there was a problem in the front brake calliper. But the most funny thing that he said to at time was the guys in the service not only fixed the calliper, but also replaced the front shocker and that also free of cost!!! That time I never imagined that I would fall in love with this bike one day.

Funny how things come to you full circle.

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  1. And guess what the Pulsar 200 is now being exported in countries like U.A.E, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Indonesia..!!

  2. WOW now that's some news!!!!

    I think the success of the Ninja 250R might also open the gates of oppertunity for our Pulsars(may be a refined one with more than one cylinder) in European countries too.


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