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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Legacy of the Legend - 2009 Yamaha YZF R1

Today evening Doug sent me a link which described the 2009 Yamaha YZF R1. My first reaction - it doesn't look as stud as the 2008 R1 is !!! (I was so wrong) I don't think it's real, might be a hoax, but Doug said he think it's real. I checked the Yamaha site, and really, the 2009 Yamaha YZF R1 is a reality, hitting the road on January 2009.

The bike looks more meatier with it's angular curvatures

The front fairing and the rear tail definitely looks different

The legend just got more power full and efficient with the inclusion of Titanium valves, Yamaha Chip Control Throttle and Yamaha Chip Control Intake and the new un-even firing Interval Engine design to give the bike all the right amount of torque it needs added with awesome power. The basic intent is to give the street biking community MotoGP genre performance.

2009 Yamaha YZF R1 Specs

Detailed Technical Description

Who said perfection cannot be perfected

Pics and Specs coutesy - Yamaha official site
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  1. Maybe its just me, but the new styling isn't too appealing to me...

  2. Looks like some design cues have been borrowed from R6.....I personally liked the styling

  3. Payeng Dude and Srinidhi Dude!!

    If you ask me, the 2008 R1 is my favorite in all the R1s as far as the styling goes. But the thing that makes the styling of 2009 R1 different is that, it's styling is not just a design element but also a technical element. For example integrating the RAM Air Intake with the Head Lamp assembly. Though it dosent look as stud as the 2008 R1, but then technologically it's advanced.

    Well let see what Rossi says about this one ;)

  4. I just want the Ninja 250R..!!


  5. oh yeah,the styling may not be as good as the 2008s,but to me,it looks much better than the 08'CBR1000RR and the current crop of supersport bikes.And as I've seen,the styling of bikes(read supersports)is getting radically different and is starting to look more like the 600ccs.Anyways,I may never be able to ride anyone of these in my lifetime...
    @payeng:looks like you are eagerly awaiting for the baby ninja...

  6. Payeng Dude and Srinidhi Dude!!

    The Ninja 250R is a real hot cake in US. It's not only sold out from most of the stores (and that's the reason I couldn't get a test ride of the machine), but people are flocking to book the 2009 model which not even released!!

    You are right Srinidhi that the 2009 R1 looks better than the 08' Fire Blade (I've seen that bike comming towards me, and I tell you, you won't like the looks)!!! Check out someof the concept designs over the internet for the 2009 R1 created by enthusiasts.

    I'm really hoping that with the introduction of the Ninja 250R, Indian Bike makers and atleast Bajaj would also go for twin cylinder motor (specially for the highly anticipated 350+ Pulsar)

  7. Guru,
    I never ever in my life saw such a 'SEXY' & 'HOT' Bike.
    Amazingly, Its the COOOOOLest One...!!

  8. Piyush Dude!!!
    Well bud if you ask me.... then I think looks wise 2008 R1 is a point sexier than the 2009 R1. But ya, if you compare the engine and the enhancements done to the
    2009 R1, the 2009 R1 is 3 points sexier than it's predecessor!!


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