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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Bike - The first spin after 3 months

For the last 3 months, the Devil was sleeping, resting, laying low....... really low. For the last 3 months, during my US trip, my bike was in sort of Rest In Peace state. So, now it's back on roads and here's my first ride experience of my bike after the 3 months!!

First observations
  • While in US I had asked Meenakshi a couple of times to crank the bike and see if it's coming to life. I was fearing the battery to faint due to the non-usage. She cranked the bike twice in 3 months, once in late July and once in late August and both the times it banged to life in a single go. But still I was expecting the battery to faint because of the hot and humid conditions during the day and comparatively mild conditions during the nights. So, I came back, went to the bike. Meenakshi did a great job of getting the bike washed and ready for me. I switched the ignition on and immediately I saw the "Low Battery" sign flashing on the console. Well this was expected. I still tried to crank the bike but it made a faint panting sound!! No good!! So, seeing the night falling down heavily on me, I had to do the unwanted...... called the guards to give the bike a push, flick the gear to 2nd, and let the clutch go..... and BANG the bike was breathing again!!! So, the bike sees it's first push start and the absence of a kick was amused by the people around. For a second a did get pissed, but then I thought that this is a one off occurrence and can be lived with, because this can happen with any bike which is kick-less and has been kept standing for a period of 3 months.

  • As soon as the bike started, I smelled engine-oil burning. I could have been the condensed engine oil left in the oil sump in the engine and it got burned as soon the combustion took place. But after that, it has been all fine.

First Impression

  • After getting the bike started, it took some twists of the wrist to get the crank smooth out. Once the crank settled down, I took it for a quick spin. For the first couple of minutes, I let it cruise at around 40 kmph. But even at 40 kmph I could feel little vibes crawling in my hands. Then I opened the throttle and let the babe blast off at around 80 kmph. The vibes became all the more prominent. I took it to a max of 100 kmph. I was up there for a good 5 mins. The experience though was awesome (after a period of 3 months), but was a bit faded by the vibrations. This was a clear a symbol that the bike badly needs oil change.

  • The engine note of the bike got a kick of bass in it. I kinda like it!!


  • The throttle response of the bike was absolutely spot-on once the bike settled down.

  • I didn't face any sort of starting issues with the bike since then

  • I tried touching 8500 rpm mark today at second gear, and the bike almost made a wheelie.


  • Till now....... just the vibrations!!! that's it

Very eagerly looking forward to the service over this weekend. Apart from this I'm also seriously thinking of getting cosmetics mods for the bike, for example, getting a more aggressive rear fender, getting chrome levers for the front brake and clutch levers and couple of more small things. While in US I did reach to Metal Leopard and would be talking to them once I settle down and get the bike serviced.

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