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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Truce - is it so hard?

Today Delhi was again rocked to shivers when two hideous scum bags managed to successfully make an explosion in the Mehrauli area of Delhi claiming lives, including innocent children!!!

It's being said that the two persons (it's so hard even to think them as human beings) were of the age of 20-25 years. I mean what kind of a mentality would allow someone to even think of something at this age. The age at which a person should take challenges to work for his family, his society, his country and for this planet in which he lives. Why can't we understand that the freedom that we enjoy is not to be taken for granted. We cry in pain if we touch something hot for a fraction of a second, and we are talking about kids getting blasted off!!!

I don't believe in the philosophy of giving answers to God and in the existence of Heaven and Hell, what I know what ever we do we have to settle our account in this world only. I hope the thinking involved in this crime meets its right full consequences!!!

The only thoughts that runs through my mind is that, is it so difficult to remain a true Human? Is it so difficult to love? Is it so difficult to raise over the baseless and shame full socio-political mindset? IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO CALL IT A TRUCE?
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