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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best Buddies of a Biker - Some protection at last

I had the machine with me, I had the spirit within me...... but I still missed something whenever I revved up the rpms. I've had my days of saying hello to the tarmac in some not so pleasant ways and every time I appreciated the value of protective gear. So, during my US visit it was time to get some protection for me.

Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Perforated Leather Jacket

A wonderful Leather Protective Jacket on should say. Even Doug liked it (and for me that's enough for me to go for the jacket)!!! The perforation ensure that it's wearable even in summers, specially when you are riding. When on a halt it does become a little hot inside in the summers, but still that's affordable.
The jacket provides

1) Dual density body armor in elbows, shoulders and spine.

2) Elastic sleeve adjusters, sure fit adjustable waistband.

3) Removable insulated vest liner

4) 8" and full circumference zipper for pant attachment

5) Reflective stripe.

Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Perforated Gloves

The protection of the wrist was also very important and therefor went ahead with the pair of gloves too. These are also perforated as the jacket and ensures proper ventilation.

Some of the features of the Gloves are
1) Schoeller® Metallic Kevlar® and Chamude reinforced palm

2) High Density Knuckle protector

3) High Density Padding on fingers, cuffs and wrist

4) Moulded Aeroprene Top and Cuff.

Apart from these I'm still without protection for the lower and given a BAD day, that area also can get massively abused. Maybe instead of going for a full fledged protective trouser, I might opt for Knee Guards, but I'm very soon planning to get some protection for the lower too!!

With chaotic traffic sense of the place and responsibility of oneself and others in mind, having these gears infuse a lot of confidence and I would recommend protective gears to any rider who rides a two wheeler which can go past 40kmph!!

Image Courtesy : New Enough

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  1. nice ones you've got there...I've got just gloves and a helmet...and do feel i need to go in for a jacket,but waiting for my bike...

  2. Srinidhi dude!!!
    sorry so forgetfull of me....which bike you where planning about?? :)

  3. Hey Sajal,

    I didn't get to check out your gloves yet

  4. Payeng Dude!!

    Sure anytime..... this weekend I'm going home... let's meet after I come back and go to City Walk, Saket!!! I've heard rumors that they've got a model of the 2009 R1!!


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