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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hero Honda - an attempt to swim against the tide

In desperate and somewhat bold move, India's largest motorcycle company Hero Honda has decided to launch 7 new bikes. Though going by it's in-house expertise, most of the "New" bikes would be sticker and graphics changes, Hero Honda also plans for a new variant of it's CBZ Extreme which is supposed to see some technical changes too (I really pray the Karizma also gets it's due).

Apart from this the company has also set high sales targets for it's dealers during this festive season. With the economy's speed being hampered by global speed breakers, most of the dealers are finding it bit difficult to woo the customers, but still we all know that in the 100-125cc segment, no one can beat Hero Honda. The idea behind his march is the Silver Jubilee year of the company, where the company is eyeing to achieve the highest sales in the history in the festive month of October by achieving a sales figure of 6 lakhs units as against it's last highest for the month of October which was in 2006 when the company sold 5 lakhs units.

Like it or not, but it seems that apart from Yamaha India, Hero Honda seems to be the only other bike manufacturer at the moment who is trying to bring out something new (even if mostly it would sticker and paint jobs!!!). Bajaj is surely disappointing it's customers by it's overly stretched silence.
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  1. I wanted to go for P200 or the FZ16...but finally went for the Zma,so HH has another new costumer:)

  2. Srinidhi Dude!!
    Yo Dude.....Congrats!!! ZMA is definitely a great bike no questions about it. A rock solid ultra smooth engine, great pick-up and an astounding package. The only thing it lacks is good attention from HH!!

    Congrats once again bro!!

  3. hey thanks bro...As for the FZ16,I got to ride one of my friends bike.Have to say it's one of the best 150cc bike available in the market today.The mill is very torquey but i felt the view ahead a bit awkward 'coz I'm used to visors on bike fairings...but i couldn't do some hard riding 'coz it's still in it's running period...
    I wanted to go for this bike but the waiting period is around 3 weeks:(.Couldn't wait for so long....happy to own a Zma anyways...;)

  4. Srinidhi Dude!!
    Lucky you..... I'm still to do a test ride on the FZ16.

    Well Yamaha bikes do have their torques in control and FZ16 does take that tradition ahead.

    As for the one best 150 in the market..... yes it is because of it's technology, ride quality and styling (the Bajaj and the HH have some real serious thinking to do here). Yamaha India is now two up above it's competitors in the 150cc segment with the R15 and FZ16 in their stables.

    I'm really keeping my fingures crossed for the CBZ Extreme upgrade!!

  5. the xtreme is just getting a cosmetic upgrade with some funky colours to choose from...still doesn't look that good...infact i feel that the present one looks better...the engine won't be touched since it's a gem,and i know 'coz i ride one often and also HHs policy of not doing so with any of their bikes;)

  6. and here's the link for the pics of the new cbz-xtreme..

  7. to add to the 150 cc list..

    Suzuki India has launhced its own 150 cc: The GS150R (another R on the block)

    Here is the link to the pics: http://www.xbhp.com/talkies/121627-post63.html

  8. Payeng Dude/ Srinidhi Dude

    Thanks for sharing the info. It's so nice of you guys.

  9. "The styling is a mix and match of all the currently available 150cc’s. The front bikini fairing with twin pilot lamps has a striking resemblence to the Pulsar while the huge 15.5 litre fuel tank is a hybrid of Apache and Pulsar. The fuel cock and the middle side panels have taken their inspiration from Honda’s Unicorn and side panels look as if they have come straight out of the Hunk! The rear gets horizontally cut twin LED stop lamps with integrated turn indicators and have the same profile as the lights on the CBZ Extreme",as quoted in cubiccapacity.com.....and i do agree with them.Suzuki could have done something special with the bike.The only new thing being, 6-gears on a bike which costs around 60k...

  10. Srinidhi Dude!!!
    Rightly said buddy..... it seems that most of the International Bike Manufacturers are either directly bringing their beggies(which are out of afford for most of the enthusiasts) or bringing funny bikes and trying to sell them by mentioning them as a strip down version of one of it's beggies.

    The question is.... are we kids to be played with?? I guess not!!

  11. Hi Sajal and Srinidhi..

    I have republished the Old Posts of my blog..!!


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