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Friday, November 7, 2008

2009 KTM RC8 R - any guess for the new Pulsar?

We have heard that Bajaj Auto would be handshaking with KTM for the it's 220cc+ engines. One of the bikes which I've always eyed on for being as the base of future Bajaj Pulsars is KTM's RC8 Super bikes. Why I think so..... if we look closely KTM's RC8 and Bajaj Pulsar 220, we could easily make out similarities in design cues and aesthetic aspects.

So, in that spirit and always keeping my hopes high that Bajaj would design and implement it's future Pulsar's on the lines of the RC8s, here's the 2009 KTM RC8 R.

As always, I gave more emphasis on the engine than anything else and came to know that for 2009, KTM has implemented a new Keihin engine which would be pumping out 165bhp @ 10,250 rpm at a standard compression of 12.5:1 using it's 1195cc 75degree v-twin engine. To add more fizz to the excitement, KTM is also providing an optional racing pack which would take the max power delivery output to 180bhp.

2009 KTM RC8 R Specs

KTM has also tried to make the bike gorgeous by implementing a black-orange-white paint job. Apart from the paint job, KTM has also implemented high-end fully adjustable WP suspension, Brembo brakes and light weight cast aluminium wheels. But one thing which I personally kinda dis-like is the under-engine stout exhaust, which would make to bike a bit noisy than it's competitors. But again, under-engine exhaust means the gases are being cleared off from the exhaust cycle quickly and that means an additional take off boost.

My opinion - The bike definitely lacks the kick ass output generated by the likes of 2009 Yamaha YZF R1 and 2009 Aprilia RSV4, but still it's an interesting machine and with glorious track record, it's definitely a machine to watch out for.

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  1. Bajaj does have an agreement with KTM for manufacturing Liquid Cooled, Fuel Injected bikes under two platforms.. 125cc and 250cc.

    These bikes will be manufactured in India and sold in Europe branded as KTM.. and th ebest part is that Bajaj can brand these bikes under their name and sell them in markets where they are present..

    So we might not exactly get to see the RC8 in India.. but the R15 better watch out for some hi-performance Bajaj-KTM machines.

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    Rightly said..... that's why I'm hoping if Bajaj can make it's 220cc+ Pulsars on the lines of the RC8 because the Pulsar 220cc already follows some design cues from the RC8. All Bajaj needs is to take a step ahead from the design and take some cues to the engine level... that would be fun!!!

  3. oh ya,the RC8 is a gorgeous machine alright...looks are subjective but I personally rate it as one the best bikes by an European marque.Hope Bajaj takes some cues from the KTM's and implement it on their bikes.And I can't wait once those machines are out...I love rev happy engines,which the KTM's are known for...:D

  4. Srinidhi Dude!!
    You Bet!!! Congrats a tone for your ZMA


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