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Monday, November 17, 2008

Car or Bike??

Well now I have a car and I already had a bike.... and since the day I bought my car (which already has some nasty scratches, thanks to the Gurgaon traffic), I've been comparing the car with the bike.
Many would say there's no comparison between the two except for the fact that both are vehicles. But I always like to be in the group of select few who dare to differ than to be in the crowd of think alikes.
There's no question about the awesomeness of my car. Literally it's an awesome piece of machine, a small powerhouse in all respect, be it a sudden pickup or while you are cruising. But still it's a car.
You are inside a cage trying to enjoy the artificial substitute of a concept known as thrill. You are enjoying your climate controlled A.C. which is stopping you from the direct feed back of Mother Nature while you are driving. You are enjoying the cool music system fitted in your car which is stopping you from the direct feed back of your surrounding. The over 1L capacity of the engine is making you believe that you are the king of the road and it's all for you for the taking. Stuck in Traffic Jame? Look around you... with all the room that's inside the car, you are not able to find enough room to maneuver your cage through the jam and get ahead of it. In it's all eternity, you are driving a multi passenger vehicle. Be it any logic, be it any ideology, a four wheeler for me would always remain a FUV - Family Utility Vehicle and nothing less.
On the other hand, when you are riding your bike, it's all you.... right from the first fire of the engine to the last puff from the exhaust..... it's you and no one else. The feed back from the nature is direct, be it monsoon rain, the summer sun or the winter chill...... it's direct, right on your face. It can be troubling, but again, how many seconds of our lives we spent without trouble. Then why do we trash bikes and biking because it's troubling due it's direct feed back from Mother Nature. I ride bike not because I like commuting on it from Home to Office. I ride bike because I'm allowed to take myself in my own stride. I become me. Be it a traffic jam or a wide open road, I'm moving, constantly and continuously...... I'm moving for as long as I wish. I quickly pull over to the road side tea stall and keep on staring at my companion machine while I finish my tea.... and then we both move on and the journey continues....
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  1. Your right bro.With bikes,the connection is direct.Not that cars are bad,but bikes are better.I isolation you get from everyday life when your riding your beast on an empty stretch of road is incomparable.It's feels heavenly.Hail the creator of bikes!!!

  2. Srinidhi Dude!!
    Sylvester Howard Roper is the man for us!! What he did in back in 1867 became the common base for our passion today!!

  3. Bikes for me too..

    Makes a lot of sense when you say: "The Bike ... its Me..!!"

    According to me whenever one feels that Bikes and Biking have become an extension of their personality.. he is no longer a commuter but has become a biker at heart.

    How I wish, our better half's could someday understand that..

  4. There shudnt be a need of saying that..that makes me feel that something is forcing you away from your bike..i might be wrong on that!! Also, cant help noticing everytime you try to justify the utility of the car...well..its again all about understanding the machine...a car is unique in itself..if u dont enjoy driving..well..u gonna end up with more scratches!! :)

  5. Payeng Dude!!
    Thanks buddy for sharing the same enthusiasm!! :)

    Gagan Dude!!
    Thanks a lot bro for dropping in your comments after soooo long.

    Well what I feel sometimes you should share what you feel with others and enjoy the warm feed back and enthusiasm (as shared by Srinidhi and Payeng). Makes me feel good and joyous about it.

    And above all I'm not justifying the utility of a car, I'm again sharing my feelings. I do have lot of respect for my car, it's awesome, it's big and it's cool.... but still since I have a big bike and now a big car (in it's genere) I look at the two babes and think and write what I think..... no hard feelings for anybody (here I would take it that you still understand me as you used to!!)

    For the unique part... yup the car is pretty unique than the bike -
    1) it has a reverse gear
    2) you can go to neutral from any gear in a single shift :P

    For the scratches... dude I differ from your thoought because no matter how much you enjoy driving your car, it's gonna get scratched because of the conditions arround. I bet even your car would have scratches and even my bike has. That dosen't mean that you don't enjoy driving your car or does it ;)


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