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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crossing the 15kmph mark!!

Once my friend Ashish Seth asked me if I could take my bike out of the basement parking curve of our office at 30kmph. That time my bike was new and I didn't had much experience with high capacity bikes at that time.

The spiral upward ramp to the ground level is quite a tight one and the complete ramp is made of material which can easily convert any high speed tight turn into a nightmare. So, the way arround is to tilt the bike when negotiating the turn. But still that needs some practice because -

1) This is not a race track which would help me in making the tilt easily. Instead this is a spiral upward ramp on which I'm not supposed to try this!!

2) It's taking time to get to the right angle of the tilt required becuase the ramp is quite smooth and a slightest disbalance could see me tumbling down to where I started.

Generally I made the upward journey at 15kmph, but today I was able to push my limit off and went upto 21kmph. The idea was pretty much straight and simple. I bent forward on the bike and tilted the bike to the right as much as I could with confidence.... and the result.... my speedo showing 21kmph the entire spiral strip!!

Feels kinda good!! :)
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