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Monday, November 3, 2008

The new member in the STABLE

This time it's a biggie.....

It has an engine of 1200cc producing 80ps @ 5200 rpm using it's all Aluminium head 16 valve 4 cylinder DOHC KAPPA engine. Yes, it's the new Hyundai i10 Kappa Magna. I got my first car yesterday.

Before anything else I would like to thank Kiran who accompanied me to the pick the car along with Meenakshi and helped in bringing the babe home.

Had a mixed feeling when I first drove the car (apart from a couple of goof ups...... well that's expected when I'm around!!). First, I like riding monster machines and not being dragged by one. But then again, a car has it's own benefits. My decision to go for a car was completely driven by family requirements, but still I wanted go some substance for my first car.

The Hyundai i10 has already proven that today it's one of the best choice in small Hatchback segment, and with the introduction of the KAPPA engine, it got all the more better. Truely speaking, if Hyundai would not have introduced the KAPPA engine in the i10 I would not have gone for the car. The KAPPA engine has done loads of good to the already good car specially the revs in the mid-section where we are pulling from 3rd gear to the 4th. For example, yesterday when I was driving the car, though I was a bit nervous for obvious reason, the car was easily touching 50 kmph and going past it at 2nd gear without any drag of any sort. This again might be due to the reason that the car is brand new, but still the pickup and pull of the car is an absolute bliss.

Till date the car has received good feedback from different forums and owners, but more needs to be seen as it gains it's position between the masses. But what ever, the little car did make it's first impression big to me!!

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  1. Kya Baat hai Dost..!! Badhai Ho..!!

    But does that mean good bye to biking..??

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    Thanks Bhai

    Good Bye to Biking!!! NO...NEVER...

    I'm already planning to buy an R1. Might not be the latest and brand new one.... a second hand and in budget R1 would do for me...

    as I say.... I love RIDING monster machines!!

  3. Badhaiyaan Badhaiyaan aur Dher saari Badhaiyaan......!!!

    Growing with the Family and Growing for the Family...!!

    Good Dude... Keep it up...!!


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