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Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Should I?

In the last 3 years since I've been to Gurgaon, far from my home town, far from the presence of my parents, I've seen many things, faced many situations (some as bright as the noon sun and some as dark as the darkest night imaginable), I've seen many people, I've found many friends, I've travelled across the ocean and have been successful in making friends in a culture that's so different from mine, I've found people who have touched my life and for whom I also have a place in their heart, I've seen why right can be so right and how right can get wrong.

After seeing all that much I often ponder about the line that's deep inside me making an impact to the existence of my Nation.... the line that's dividing the right from the wrong within possibly every of my countrymen and I end up asking myself...... Why Should I?

Why should I let my eyes to see things which it couldn't justify..
Why should I let my ears listen to the screams which should not have tore apart the sky..

Why should I let my hands touch and feel the body of an un-attended dying person by the side..
Why should I let my feet walk over the blood stain left over from last night..

Why should I let my mouth speak of words which wish that you should not exist..
Why should I let my brain think that your life should not persist..

Why should I let myself be characterized by attitude..
When I know that I cannot accept my solitude..

Why should I let my soul burn in the fire of grudge..
Why can't I help myself to be my own judge...

Now I know why I don't respect you.... because deep in my heart my soul doesn't respect me!!
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  1. Payeng Dude!!
    Thanks Bro for your appreciation :D

  2. Less words.. More meaning :)
    That's what your this article is.

    I am jst wondering how many will pay attention to meaning and not jst read another article of words.

    Pitty is even I m among those 99%


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