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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

xBhp - The Next Grand Step

Whenever I surf the cable TV channels and come across the utter crap and non-sense shown in MTV Hero Honda Roadies, I can't stop thinking that why the Hell on Earth this show has been named Roadies (in it's every pissed pathetic explanation) and above all this show has it's own fan following which amazes me all the more because this show has no relation what so ever with Bikes, Passion for Bikes or not even making toures on Bikes (except for when the participant try and act smart ass morons and keep on kissing the tarmac).

But the good side is, there are really some group of people who deserve to be called the actual Roadies and deserve more public base than they currently have. Here's what I found today on xBhp - The Next Grand Step.

Two Yamaha R1s and One Yamaha R15 (actually there are two Yamaha R15s one would be kept for stand by) would be touring across India to promote Enjoyable and Safe Super Sports Biking in India.

The riders of the R1s have been selected and applications for the R15 riders are invited via the xBhp site.

Sponsors include - Castrol Power1, Overdrive and PVR Cinemas.

Kudos to xBhp!!!
Courtesy - xBhp
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  1. you're truly right bro,in India ppl look down upon bikers and bikes(they consider bikes as commuters).And the govt too doesn't care,the main example being the tax structure for importing bikes below 800cc.These biking groups should be given credit for whatever little they're doing for the cause of biking.Good that they manage to find sponsors for their events...hope the biking culture broadens in India...;)

  2. Srinidhi Dude!!
    And you know what, there are long term benefits too for such type of events..... the more the acceptance and knowledge of the super sports bike increase amongst the masses and the government, the more are the chances that these super sports babes would get manufactured in India only resulting in huge price cuts!!!

    Till then.... we need to keep the faith high and the engine revving!!!!

  3. Actually there are scores of Desi Bikers who do trips across not only the length and breadth of India but also across the globe as well..

    .. that too without any sponsors and a Back Up/Support Crew/Van.

    Sadly these unsung heros go unnoticed since they donot know to market themselves.

    Neverthess XBHP must be commended for its efforts of Spreading the Passion among the common Indian Biker.

  4. Payeng Dude!!
    Rightly said.... That's why I said that these people are real Roadies.....

    I still remember your article about the person who went on International Trip on his ZMA. Above all why to go any further... your lil bro rode your P220 from B'glore to Gurgaon!!

    But as you said... how many of us really know about such trips... and how many of us think about our bikes and biking passionately!!!

  5. hey bro,you've asked me to write about the riding impression of my steed.I haven't crossed the 70 kmph mark till now.Only after the running period is over can i say how the bike "really" feels.Right now it just feels hmm... refined and returns a good fuel economy too..;)

  6. I'll have to start a blog for all this...:)...

  7. Srinidhi Dude!!
    You have the steed, you have the reason, and above all you have the excitement.....



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