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Monday, December 8, 2008

Delhi's own Hell Raisers

Today's Delhi Times had something very interesting and exciting at the same time. It's the Bucks, Bike etc write up covering some prominent personalities like Shiv Karan Singh and Naveen Ansal.

On one side where Shiv Karan Singh expresses his enthusiasm and excitement towards his Vulcan with the lines - "Believe me, when people halt, turn around and look at you when you start your bike, it is a special kind of high. I’ve seen jaws drop, and also amusement, as they see us riding such heavy bikes on the busy Delhi roads.". Comming together with his "Biker Gang" and bikes moving through Delhi's Cannaught Place, Ashram Road, Nizamuddin or on the DND fly-over, the bikers try to make the most out of the week-end.

On the other hand there is Delhi Businessman Naveen Ansal, who's a solo rider, who likes the journey.... a journey on his custom made All Chrome 2500cc Triumph!! He belongs to the genre who likes cruising through the highway without any plan or map what so ever. Stopping at an odd roadside dhaba to have a classic cutting chai or chill out with a coke and then move on and on.....

It's not the size the of the bike, it's the passion here that's more touching. Rich and Successful Businessmen of the city, downing leather instead of the designer suits and having their chill out. People who live the entire 5 days of the week, for the last two days, when they and their machine hit the road, go for a spin and don't care for anything. A perfect way to settle out the week that past and prepare for the week that's coming.

Courtesy : Delhi Times, 08-12-2008

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  1. man...cool bikes over there.and yes,have to appreciate their love for biking...

  2. Srinidhi Dude!!
    Right bro.... one would be expect people like Naveen Ansal and all to show passion for cars... but it's so cool to see their love for bikes :)


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