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Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Back - It's the Moto-Terminator

Recently I was watching the new preview of the Terminator Salvation and something caught my attention - it was a bike, running and rampaging anything coming it's way.... it was the Moto-Terminator!!

The first look of the bike really got me by surprise.... "What the hell is it!!". Did a couple of replays and the more I took a closer look at the bike, the more fierce and deadly it looked.

Looking from ground up, it shows off the distinct Red Eye, of the earlier Terminators and also, Arnie's favorite Chain Gun!! and a very low ground clearence.

The Engine note clearly suggested that it hosts electronic motors. The complete chassis of the bike looks like is built for bending laterally on both sides and the design cues have been heavily borrowed from the skinned Terminator versions.

A Non-Humanoid machine with no rider requirement, an Artificial Intelligent machine designed to kill the Resistance!! Pretty neat and scary!! With Christian Bale playing as John Connor, John Connor surely has some serious thinking to do to get away with this stud :) !!

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  1. Awesome..!! After Batman's bike it's the Terminator's time now.

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    Good to see you back in my blog!!

    Yeah, the Hollywood is really taking biking seriously.... very seriously..... and I would not like to ask the questions - "Why So Serious??" coz I'm loving it!!


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