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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Power of One

Some time back I discovered that my bike was not responding well to high rpms. It was just loosing the pull.

A lot of analysis went in, a lot of Googling went in, and one strongly possible cause came infront in the shape of the fact that, since I never really ripped my bike at high rpms, my bike was still not open to high rpms and therefore when I suddenly decided to twist my wrist hard, the bike simply refused to pull.

So, I decided to open the bike up at high rpms. So, it was a couple of days of real hard acceleration. Average speeds when around 80kmph. But still I found the bike not crossing 100kmph, which went to show that something was not right. Also I observed that at high the bike gave black smoke, which was a complete heart breaker. Another thing which was bugging me was that, the bike was giving starting problems in the morning, which didn't happened for a single time last year during the over stretched winter. I had a chat with the Bajaj Pro Biking at Gurgaon, but they had no clue what so ever. So, I was back to my own research and Googling.

Finally, I came to know what was exactly going wrong with the bike and here's what I found -
  • When I returned from US last September, I changed over to Motule Fully Synthetic Engine Oil.

  • Being fully synthetic, the Motule Engine Oil is not as viscous as it's semi-synthetic counterparts.

  • But Motule engine oil shouldn't have raise any concerned if the engine of my bike would have been opened enough for high rpms.

  • So, when I opened my bike, at higher compression, the engine oil started dripping into the combustion chamber and hence the black smoke and loss of power.

  • Again, due to the low viscosity of the engine oil, the oil settled down very quickly and therefore the Engine failed to maintain the optimum temperature for it to crank successfully in one go.

I discussed the situation with Gagan, and he also suggested me for a oil change, which made a lot of sense to me.

So, over the weekend I went for the Castrol Power One Engine Oil. Saturday and Sunday, I rode perfectly like Mama's Boy to allow the oil to get distributed evenly to every nook and corner of the engine where it should go.

Today morning, the ride to office, was supposed to be the testing time. And I got the first signs of improvement, very early!! At around 5:00 am in the morning, I just keyed the bike on.... a thumb on the Start button, and BANG!!! the babe wished me morning with her idling note in a single go. This was enough to get a smile on my face and get me excited for the ride to the office.

On my way to the office, again, the bike started in a single go. For a kilometre I rode with complete patience to get the engine warm enough. Then it was time to rip!! No sign of discomfort what so ever. So here are the gear to rpm to speed numbers -

1) Gear : 2nd, RPM : 8K, Speed : 60kmph

2) Gear : 3rd, RPM : 8K, Speed : 80kmph

4) Gear : 4th, RPM : 8K, Speed : 100kmph

5) Gear : 5th, RPM : 6.5k, Speed : 110kmph

There was no black smoke what so ever during the entire ripping. Vibrations where very much under control and I personally didn't feel uncomfortable with the vibration levels which were there at 8k rpm mark. The pull that the bike displayed when it shot to 110kmph was spell binding and left me catching my breath for quite sometime.

I'm really thinking about sticking with the Power One for some time now!! :)

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  1. will try out "Power1" for my bike too.. thanks.

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    I tell you bro.... it's working like magic!! All that ripping, minus any black smoke and very negligible viberations!! :)

    But before getting too happy and confirmative about it..... I would like to test it more!!

  3. What's the price for a pack of Power 1..??

  4. Payeng Dude!!
    Over here they took Rs.282 for a 1L pack!!

  5. This blog is very good & informative.I have gain so much information from this blog.I like your blog.Thanks for the post.I am waiting for your new post.


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