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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

XCD 135 replaces XCD 125??

Well that's what it looks like on the Bajaj Auto Web Site.

Bajaj has implemented the description and details of XCD 125 and XCD 135 under the same umbrella of XCD 135 on the Bajaj Auto Website, as it has done for the Pulsar DTS-i (providing info for Pulsar 150, 180 and 200 under the umbrella of Pulsar 200). Well even though this might save Bajaj Auto from maintaining different pages for the same family of bikes, but on the other hand, it becomes a bit confusing to find the info..... also, if I'm interested in buying say a XCD 125, then I should get the info as fast as possible. A few extra clicks does make a little irritated. (Well entirely my personal views!!)

Apart from this, just came across the TVC for the Bajaj XCD 135. Pretty interesting with two damsels fighting it out for place on the XCD 135 (one of them is I think Ms Randhawa.....!!).
Interesting to see that an Indian company thinks that a bike can make ladies drool arround it :)

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  1. the part of the commercial where they show the rear lights and the rear tyre looks strikingly similar to the ones used in the MRF zapper ad.......what say???

  2. Srinidhi Dude!!

    Yeah you're right...!!
    and another thing I noticed that the speedo of the bike is shown is shown touching 90kmph... that part is somewhat borrowed from the P220's first TVC... remember!!

  3. Hi.. Info on the Bajaj Website, about the XCD 125 is available along with the XCD 135..

  4. Payeng Dude!!
    Guess I'm zipping through web sites a little too quick these days!!

    Thanks for pointing that out bro!! :)

    I've made the changes.


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