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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another magic from K K

K K has been one of my favorite singer for my childhood (right from the days of Aap ki Duaa). A couple of days back I heard a yet another magic from K K - Gulon Main Rang Bhar (Upbeat version), from the soon to release movie - Sikandar.....

gulon mein rang bhare

baadeno bahaar chale

gulon mein rang bhare

baadeno bahaar chale

chale bhi aao

ke gulshan ka karobar chale

baadeno bahaar chale

karobar chale

gulon mein rang bhare

baadeno bahaar chale

chale bhi aao

ke gulshan ka karobar chale
tum kho na jaana

kahin bhooli hui yaadon ke shehar mein

hum tum milenge

milenge rangon aur phoolon ke safar mein

ek kahaani meri kho gayi

mulaakatein phir se ho gayi
ja muskhilon se kaho

humsafar guzaar chale

chale bhi aaoke gulshan ka karobar chale
tumne dikhaaye

dikhaaye naye naye suraj naye chaman

chhaaye andhereto thodi chandni chura ke laaya gulshan

aise guzri amaavas dhar seroshni ko chaand bhi tarse
mere shehar ye hawa

kaash baar baar chale

chale bhi aao ke gulshan kakarobar chale
baadeno bahaar chalekarobar chale

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  1. I also agree KK has been my favourite with his consitantly good singing and I should say melodius singing that really makes you listen to the song when playing in the background. I love this new song by KK "Gulon mein rang" and I can't stop listening. Best when heard full blasted!!!!

  2. And.. Thanks for the Lyrics I forgot to mention.....

  3. Thanks Jayshree...
    I totally agree with you.... the song is a blast in the both the listening modes :)

  4. Hi Sajal,

    What do think of the song called"Sufi tere pyar mein..." by anew singer called Saim or something like that, from the Movie Jai Veer!

    Also check out the new Album by Mithoon, I like couple of songs from that one.

    Hope you can find!!!


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