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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yamaha FZ-S

March 03, 2009, Yamaha India launched, what I would call a graffiti variant of it's highly successful FZ-16,
the Yamaha FZ-S - The Stylish Lord of the Street (as Yamaha India is calling it).

Going on the lines of the other Indian players in the market, Yamaha India has done some stickering and coloring job on the FZ-16 to give us the FZ-S. No new technology or any engine upgrade.

I'm not sure how it would look in flesh and bones, but some how I'm feeling the tinted visor is playing a sore eye over here, making it look rather feminine instead of flaunting it's Triple Macho concept.

With various communities brimming with news of Bajaj Pulsar 200/180 upgrades (though unconfirmed), a new Yamaha FZ-16 sticker job variant might seem as an unexpected move :)

Pic courtesy - Yamaha India
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  1. i did like the new avatar of the FZ...the one thing i hated the most about fz was it's height,but the additions makes it look taller...

  2. Srinidhi Dude!!

    I haven't seen the bike in flesh yet!! but somehow I didn't liked the visor design!!

    But I totally agree that in flesh the bike might look better coz even I liked the color scheme of the bike.

  3. why do all bike manufacturers start this kind of silly paint jobs? its looking girlish!! I'll be seriously diappointed if the P180/200 upgrades too eventually turn out to be silly paint jobs!!

  4. And as I have heard, this upgrade might command a premium of Rs. 2K


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