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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Revamped Bajaj

Off late Bajaj has been facing a lot of heat both from the market and from the online community to keep up the pace with it's competitors and in regards to it's Pulsar Flagship products.

Today when I logged on to the Bajaj Website, it was a pleasant surprise!! It's Pulsar all over the site. The site is more attacking on it's competitors, graphic presentation and content wise, and also is much more fun!!

Not only the entire presentation of the website has been updated, but the background score is also quite jazzy if you have your "heavy duty" speakers full blown ;)

So, going by the current boiling pot of Pulsar upgrades, I quickly checked the website out in search of some information.....

Though there was no new information for the Pulsar 200 DTS-i and Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi, the Pulsar 150 DTS-i and Pulsar 180 DTS-i site were showing "Under Construction", which really fuels the fire of some expected changes.

For the Pulsar 220 and Pulsar 200 there is not documented changes updated in the Web Site (including the Pulsar 220 front faired Pulsar 200).

Very soon, I would be going for some modifications on my Pulsar 200!! Let's see who fares better, Bajaj Auto, or me ;) (pun intended!!)

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  1. check this out...upgraded pulsars...

  2. Srinidhi Dude!!
    Welcome back on my blog man!!

    Yup I saw this info, but on XBHP.... :)!!

  3. actually i met with a nasty accident...sitting at home with a broken leg now...so,couldnt come online...:)

  4. srinidhi dude!!
    What happened bro??? that's terrible man....!! Take care and get well soon

  5. bus came in the wrong way n hit me...:)


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