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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2009 Pulsar 180 and Pulsar 150 - First Look

Today I got a call from Krishna Bajaj Gurgaon, to have a look at their new stock of the 2009 Pulsar 180 and Pulsar 150. I was invited to come in the morning, but couldn't go due to office timing. So, went there in the late evening when they were almost wrapping for the day. So, just took a few photographs and that's it!! Would be taking a detailed test ride over this weekend (hope those office buggers spare me this weekend!! )

The New Pulsar Logo Sticker (pretty neat and stylish I would say)

P180's Clip-on Handle Bar from the P220

The overall P200 styling of the new P180

P180's 120 section rear tyre

The fatter P220 front fork of the P180

The 2009 P150 with P200 tank scoops

All in all I would say Bajaj is going for template designing.... taking the bigger machines as templates and applying it to the smaller ones as upgrades. Quite a wise move from cost saving perspective but it really killed the exclusivity of the bigger siblings. But hey.... I would say it's much much better than a simple sticker or a "Laal Salaam" paint job.

I'm really looking forward to the test ride coming week

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  1. not exactly a brand new offering.. but BAL had to keep the interest of the bikers alive in this recessionary market.

    had taken a test ride on one of these.. the engine and gearbox surely are getting smoother with each new iteration

  2. Payeng Dude!!

    Yup totally agree!! BAL is going for what I would call "Template Designing". I'm really looking forward to this weekend to take the test ride!!

  3. Hi friends,
    I am going to buy a new Pulsar, but I'm little confuse that 180 or 220cc...which is the best?

    Please reply me so that i can buy as soon as possible..

    Thanks in advance

  4. i want to purchase a pulsar logo tank sticker in online where i get it pls help me


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