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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Doctor's First Blood for 2009

Date - 3rd, May, 2009
Place - Jerez de la Frontera circuit

Valentino Rossi aka The Doctor, won his first Moto GP race in the year 2009 on his 2009 Yamaha M1 beating Dani Pedrosa, riding his Respol Honda, by a "huge" margin of 2.7 seconds. The main highlight was as usual the breath stopping competition between Rossi and his arched rival, the Ducati Marlboro rider Casey Stoner.

Rossi making his move ahead of Pedrosa
Amongst all this, it's was a real bad day for Rossi's partner Jay Lorenzo who crashed his 2009 M1.
Just couldn't stop myself from mentioning about this video of the competition between Rossi and Stonner in the 2008 season, I found on Youtube. Just look at the maneuvering of Rossi... simply masterpiece.
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  1. rossi was so brutal in that race and forced casey to make that mistake...I'd call it the race of the decade...absolute delight to watch him race...

  2. Srinidhi dude!!
    First of all..... I really really hope you are doing well and have recovered a lot from that nasty crash!!

    Yeah, just looking at the video, you feel, boy that's the way to ride such a powerfull bike!! It's like Harry Potter moving his magic wand!!

  3. it might sound surprising to you.. but I have never followed Moto GP till date..


  4. @Payeng dude


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