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Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Intent but Poor Execution

Yesterday I went to the "2009 Bajaj Pulsar Service Camp" at Sector 14 Gurgaon. I came to know that the intent behind the setup of this service camp was to get a feel from all Pulsar owners coming by, about their machines, what they feel, what would be their feed backs and suggestions, if they have any issues in regards to their bikes, then those issues would be looked after by a team of experts, and above all introduce it's 2009 Pulsar 150 and 2009 Pulsar 180 range to the masses.
I would say a very wise, smart and thought full intent from Bajaj to back it's Pulsar range, which we all know that after all these years of undisputed rule, is somewhat loosing it's ground. But when it came to the execution part, I really felt sorry for the Bajaj top minds who came up with this idea ... so here's what was actually happening.....

Get a feel from all Pulsar owners coming by, about their machines - All the Pulsar owners were just being sheep guarded into a tight cordon, with a lightning fast interaction with so call "experts" (I'll come to this part later!!), prepare a "Job Chit" and then asked to take a chair in a separate section where they would be at bay from their machines!! I mean if you want to know what owners feel about their machines, you got to more about each individual machine and it's owner. How the machine is handled, how it's taken care off, if any mods have been done etc.... I mean there should be more customer interaction.... slipping into a cordon and getting a job card done is the usual service day process that we have... we really wanted some serious interaction over there which very casually handled.

Feed backs and Suggestions - Not a single feedback form, not a single interaction session with the officials over there. All the other people, except for the mechanics where busy, talking about Valvoline (who were sort of sponsoring the event), and busy sheep guarding us, go here.. go there.... do this... sort of thing....!!

Interaction with Experts - Initially, it was said that there would be Experts from the Pulsar development team, who would be giving us advice about our machines, but apart from the a couple of faces (who remained busy in managing the Pulsar owners and giving a tip here and there) all the mechanics and officials were from Krishna Bajaj Gurgaon, Sector-14, whom I was not happy to see at all :( . I mean if I have to interact with the same mechanics and technicians then why take the pain to come to this camp in this heat?? Utter crap I would say.

Introduce it's 2009 Pulsar 150 and 2009 Pulsar 180 range to the masses - Who ever was coming to the camp where being forced to take a test ride on one of the 2009 Pulsar 180 and then write one line about the bike in a small chit!! I mean what the BULL SHIT on Earth is this?? In the name of test ride, people where just allowed to take a round of the camp, where you cannot clog more than the 2nd gear!! So, I'm not sure what kind of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence you would be requiring to get a feel of the bike in such conditions.

Really, in spite of all the good intention of Bajaj to back it's products, it's people who are in charge of "Executing" the intentions are bringing down the roost!!
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  1. Thanks a lot for the review Sajal.

    Your unsatisfactory experience should be heard by the guys at the top

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    Some how I feel that the manner in which the camp was managed in Gurgaon is to be blamed coz, the feedback which I got from Delhi was completely different.

    I guess, if the intention of this camp was a serious 1:1 interaction with Pulsar Owners and Bajaj Technitians, then I believe Bajaj Showroom/Service Center guys should have been kept at bay!!


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