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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dare it when it's SLOW

Last week I was at my home town, Patna. This time it was not a vacation... this time the matters were real serious, this time it was my Parents' health. Well with God's grace and with the good wishes of well wishers, the situation, if not fine, then it's better than a couple of weeks before.

So, in this mayhem, it was a lot of biking on my Dad's Hero Honda Sleek. I tell you people, Patna is changing..... and it's changing big time. I'm not sure of the future, but the State Government has really engaged the top gear for development of the State. There are now fly-overs every where in down-town Kankarbagh!! Really!! :)

But again, development is only infrastructural. The mindset of the common man over there still needs the tide of change and development. In a traffic jam I can see a couple of college student taunting a person of their father's age in slang.... doctors just denying to see a traumatized patient just because it's a Sunday and it's his day to "Rest".... and many other things.... and really, this is a discussion which would take ages to settle down and "Throttle" is not a particular forum for this discussion.

What really amazed me was.... the driving tactics employed over here. It's like, if you need to cross the road, you will cross the road no matter what is coming from the other side.... you will not give a damn to the traffic.... you will just look straight and start walking or riding your bike or driving you car (be it a Maruti 800 or the oblivion obese architecture Tata Sumo). And you would not cross the road in a hurry!! You would take your time, as if there is no one else on the road. Your fellow Road Sharers' frustration doesn't bother you..... NOT A SINGLE BIT!! But in all this, what's really amazing is..... people have kinda accepted such kinda traffic sense and people actually don't get frustrated by this..... because everybody is moving in the same fashion in the traffic.

People have given the term Maneuvering a new limit, which is hard to breach. It's a world where the average speed mostly stays between 25kmph-30kmph..... you should be happy if you are able to reach 40kmph!! And if somehow you are able to reach 60kmph... boy it's time to rock-n-roll coz you are just blasting off the Patna streets. Cars and bikes crossing each other within millimeters..... a Tata Sumo, making a turn through a 4 feet wide turn opening into 5-6 feet wide road with incoming traffic. Really it's maneuvering reloaded!!

But again, in all this.... what heart warming to see is.... despite of the narrow and bumpy roads, people to go after their dream vehicles.... you can see Hero Honda CD 100 SL to an occasional Hero Honda Karizma or a Bajaj Pulsar 220 or even a Yamaha R15!! You can see Maruti 800 to an occasional Mercedes S class, they are all here.... and all are moving in the same fashion .... Daring for the tightest maneuvers in the slowest but yet moving speeds ;)
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  1. Sajal,

    Hope all is well with your family and Happy Birthday!!

    It's been a busy year so far and I have yet to make it to a bike race this season. Looks like the next one I can make is June 27th and 28th. I'll try for some pictures for you.


  2. Doug!!
    Thanks Man...!!

    I'm all waits now for those pictures!! :)

  3. Despite all the traffic problems, the accident rate of Patna is far less than those of Mumbai/Delhi/Gurgaon.
    What an irony...!!
    We don't follow the rules and play safe while 'THOSE' who claim that our traffic sense is horrible meet more frequently with accidents...

    Kya kare hum aise hi hai.


  4. Piyush Dude!!

    Nice point there bro!!

    The accident rate in Patna is less than those in Mumbai/Delhi/Gurgaon because as I said, the average speed varies between 25kmph-30kmph. At these speeds you really have to be a complete "I don't know driving" type of a person to meet with an accident. In the metros, the roads are wide streatched, there are pot holes, but still the roads are better than Patna, and the average speed varies between 50kmph - 70kmph. Now you imagine, you are cruising at 70kmph, and suddenly the person before makes a turn infront of you.... next what happens is all your skill and your luck :)

    The traffic condition in all over India is the same..... the accident factor comes into play with varying levels of speeds and condition of the infrastructure.


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