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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KFC Gurgaon

A biker leaves no chance of trying out ..... be it Bikes, be it Tracks, be it Gears, be it Apparels .... be it different types of food ..... or be it.... mmmm ..... you know what ;) !!

So, on that note, I thought it would be great if I could share my experiences for different types of food (coz for the last type mentioned above, I cannot share my experiences here :D )

So, to start with.... it's the KFC outlet on Gurgaon MG Road!!

Meenakshi and I went over there, over this weekend to have our evening snack. Was very eager to visit this joint from quite some time now. I just loved the KFC joint in US.... ultra cool (used to be the favorite hang out place for Doug and I)

The ambiance is quite nice and very much on the lines of it's parent joints. But the sad part is .... very less options!! I mean .... common man, they don't have the "Mashed Potato Meal Bowl" :( !!

Even though the name is Kentucky Fried Chicken, but the layering on the chicken is very thick and very very oily ..... no where near the "Original Recipe"

I tried their "3 Wing Snack", which was kinda Okayish!! The serving style was pretty flat and so was the taste.

Meenakshi tried their "Veggie Snack" and amazingly enough, she was quite happy to have it. She liked it a lot!!

The best part of the snack was the Pepsi!! We both loved it .... it was chilled, icy and had the required kick!! :)

So, the biker says, it other options are available, KFC Gurgaon can be avoided if you on the look out of quality chicken snack!!
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  1. I had a Mashed Potato Bowl for dinner tonight...it was good!! Matthew likes them too!!

  2. Dougy Dude!!
    Now you are making me feel jealous!! :(

    Mashed Potato Bowls are simply YUMMY!! It's so rediculous that KFC over does not have it!!

  3. they dont have many items that are present across US and europe...one of them is my favorite chicken popcorn!! The same is applicable for McD and pizza hut as well...they have a totally diferent menu..which are as they call it "indianized menu"!! They might be right in a way...they might not manage to sell those stuff here!!

  4. Gagan Dude!!
    Welcome back on the blog bro!! :)

    Well yeah .... "Chicken PopCorn" YUMMY!!

    I'm not sure if they are able to manage the Amarican or European menu items or not.... but I really found that what KFC Gurgaon is saying as Original Menu, the taste and crispyness was way away from being "Original" .... and that really sets the mood to plunge downhill


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