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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The new member in - HTC Touch Diamond 2

Was on the hunt for quite some time now. My earlier pal was giving it up and I was making my mind to shift from CDMA realm of things to GSM arena. So, a change of handset was always on the card.

Since I've known and operated mobiles, I've always been lured towards PDAs and Windows mobiles due to the vast extend of possibilities it opens up. So, after some research and googling.... here I'm today with my brand new HTC Touch Diamond 2.

It's sleek, it's stylish, it's powerful. The ease with which it got connected to my Wi-fi and instantly to the Internet was quite amazing. And then there I was... checking my mails, downloading songs, watching YouTube (by the way, YouTube comes as a widget in the device) ... the possibilities are endless.

Over the Internet, some of the common cons which are mentioned about the phone are the absence of standard head phone jack, the on-screen QWERTY pad being cramped and Windows 6.1. Well HTC does provide with after market accessories which allows multiple stereo jacks to be used which the phone is plugged. Again, fortunately I don't have finger tips of a gorilla so with a 5 mins practice I was very well able to use my both hands to type with ease and lastly, post August HTC would be providing free upgrade of Windows 6.1 to Windows 6.5. So, for now, the Dimond 2 has most of it's corners covered. One thing which I'm thinking HTC won't be able to provide a work-around with is the absence of Flash for the 5 megapixel camera. But compared to the vast range of features this device gives, I don't mind the absence of the flash.

Can anybody see the smile of my face?? :)

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  1. Yes Dude, I can see that...
    Congrats Buddy

  2. Didn't know ou had a thing for mobile phones too

  3. Piyush Dude!!
    Thanks Bro :)

    Payeng Dude!!
    Well I didn't knew myself... unless I saw this beauty!! :D


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