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Friday, August 28, 2009

You take my Mangoes and I'll take your Bikes

Well it sounds funny but that's a fact. For 18 years Indian mangoes were banned in US because US thought that Indian farmers used too much chemicals in their Mangoes..... and for as many years, big motorcycles where banned in Indian, because some gray matter under some old.... dying and falling white hair in our country thought big bikes would be more polluting.

The scene all of a sudden changed in mid 2007 when Dubya Man and Congo Man finally decided to see the "logical". US took Indian mangoes and India showed green flag for above 800cc bikes (does that mean the government thinks that Indian bike makers only have breath uptill 800cc??). The result..... Yammy got a smile on it's face and we got an even bigger smile on our face when we got the 2008 YZF Yamaha R1 and Yamaha MT01 officially launched in India, followed by Suzuki's Hayabusa and Intruder and then by Honda bringing in CBR1000RR Fireblade and CB1000R.

Now finally the actual reason why Dubya Man decided to eat Indian Mangoes is comming in..... The Big Daddy of all choppers and cruisers - The Harley Davidson!!

I'm already seeing clubs comming up :P
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  1. Its unbelieveble ..!! looks like the 2010 Auto Expo will be really interesting.

    Looks like my retirement plan needs a rethink.


  2. :D

    Well the passes for the 2010 Auto Expo are already available.... but I'm guessing you won't need one ;)... coz it would be free for you!!


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