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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Fun Returns!!

It has always been the case that when I've done something against my will, I've always ended up in trouble.

The same happened a couple of weeks back. The service of my bike was due and somehow Krishna Bajaj @ Sector 14, Gurgaon didn't responded well thrice when I went for a service and had to return without having the bike getting serviced. Purturbed at the situation and seeing that the health of the bike was on the down day by day (the bike was not even able to idle itself!!), I decided to go to the newly opened Castrol Bike Zone, here in Gurgaon.

I've heard loads of accolades for Castrol Bike Zone all over India and therefore thought it would be safe to take bike over there, inspite that I've never took my bike for service anywhere except Krishna Bajaj and fundamentally too I believe a bike should be serviced only at it's authorised Service Center, but given the circumstances I decided to go for Castrol Bike Zone. I had no idea, what was waiting for me ahead.

The service was done in arround 3 hours and like a happy camper I took the bike out and was on the way for my home. Arround 2km later, I felt vibrations on my hand and the Tacho showed 4k rpm. I thought it might be case that the engine was not warm enough and that's why the vibrations (and sub-consiously I knew this cannot be the reason, after so much of stand ripping during the service). By the time I reached home, the bike started giving hick-ups at arround 5K rpm and the throttle felt quite hard. I started getting worried, because I was dead sure that this cannot happen after a freshly done service.

Thinking about the possible causes, I realized that since the bike was not able to hold it's idelling, the carburetor was adjusted. A little Googling revealed that all the symptoms that I was experiencing can be caused by a bad adjustment of the carburetor. I thought of giving the bike a couple of more days to settle down.

Last Friday I had to go to Noida, and God and I only know what the hell the bike and I went through with all the hick-ups and loss of power. The bike just refused to go past 5k rpm. That made me really upset. Went back to Castrol Bike Zone, but in vain. Finally decided that the bike and I've had enough.....

On Monday I wrote a couple of firey mails to Bajaj and Castrol Bike Zone. Bajaj was lightening fast to respond back. Today, two Bajaj Pro-biking mechanics came to my office, inspected the bike, I handed them a sheet mentioning out the details as to what is wrong in the bike. Inspite of the torrential rains today, when the two guys came, soaking wet.... the bike was back to it's magic..... back with it's fun..... as smooth as when I took her out for her first spin.

Really it's this type of service that creats trust and faith.... and really Krishna Bajaj won my faith back big time!! Thank you Krishna Bajaj for giving my Babe back
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